19 Jan 2008

Post 3 - 1st memories of Charing Cross: - Dec'05

For, my third go at this blog b usiness I thought I’d try and describe my experience of doing the grand tour of London’s hospitals –not something I’d wish on my worst enemy… My most memorable experiences are only negativeones I’m afraid – you’ll just have to forgive me for that. OK, so firstuo – Charing Cross hospital in hammersmith… first of all, before I launch into a rant, I have to acknowledge that I am grateful to these guys for saving my life in the early hours of Christmas day 2005. I am in awe of anyone who has a job of such responsibility and is able to perform when the rest of the world is asleep or letting its hair down. My 2nd slight caveat is that for the first 3 weeks of being in charing cross I was in a coma. According to my family this was just as well because of the many indignities I had to suffer. When I eventually woke up Icouldn’t speak(many would consider this a blessing, this would continue for another month)and was unable to move anything except my right hand and rightleg…Tothis day and forevermore I put the reason for waking from this coma down to my wonderful girlfriend (at the time),Natasha keeping up a bedside vigil for the whole time, talking to me and holding my hand. From time to time I was apparently able to ac knowledge her presence by squeezing her hand – God, I can barely type this.
Anyway this isn’t really a memory, more a collage of recollections I have garnered from other people. One thing that has shocked me most is when Natasha told me that on admission to charing Cross apparently my chance of survival was ‘about 1%’. This is pretty damn close and still terrifies me.

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Mihaela said...

Dear Dan,

I just found your wonderful blog on the interne search, trying to find information on how a stroke survivor feels and what is going on in his head...
My dad had a stroke yesterday, and I'm now reading everything I can about this "state of mind"...he's not in a coma but heavily medicated and they put him on a life supports because he's having trouble with his lungs...anyways...reading your first memories after you woke up of coma, made me understand what's waiting for me when he wakes up. The only problem is he's in a hospital in a different town from where I live and I can't always be near him, but when he'll be a bit better they transfer him here in Zagreb where I live, because as you said, there's nothing like feeling presence of a person who cares...
I hope you don't mind "following" you, because if my dad survives, I know your experience will do much help to me in knowing how he feels, because I just don't want him to suffer or be in any pain...
I'll continue reading your blog, to se every phase you went thru, and to admire your courage and your will to live...

With warm regards,

Keep up the excellent work and never give up! And excuse me for my english :)



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