4 Feb 2008

Post number 8: Being Patronised by the staff

I feel utterly fed up and frustrated today for two reasons,neither of which because it’s Monday, although that would normally be enough. I woke up this morning feeling dreadful (as usual). There seems to be nothing that medical science can do about this, seriously, absolute zip, that or they’re too incompetent to find the right medication (I suspect it’s the latter), my fury was ignited last night when having typed a suitably acerbic post on my radio-surgery and the evil Royal London Hospital I came back from dinner and the computer had managed to switch itself off. Not panicking I turned the computer back on, when I opened word to my horror the rather personal and painful and painstakingly typed post had vanished. I’ve lost work before but this felt much worse! So that was the first thing, the second was that at 3:30 today the room with the computer in it was ‘booked’ till 4:30Pm so that the therapists and some of the management could have a jolly old chinwag! Explain to me the logic that puts a meeting room in a building full of empty rooms in the only room with a network point (therefore only room that can have a computer. This culminated in me telling Sonja, remember the ruthlessly ambitious Kiwi boss ‘stop talking to me so patronisingly, f*** off’ God I am tetchy today. That’s all the time and energy I’ve got today I’m afraid, happy Mondays!…

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