12 Feb 2008

Post Number 13: Trying to Find Housemates

Ok, so I’ve had a day or so to ruminate and the thing most on my mind is how best do I advertise for two completely random flatmates from the end of march in Oxshott in Surrey ( probably where I’m going to live – I’ll explain why later) It would be nice just to be able to rely on existing friends, but I fear that too many people I know are sorted and are too used to living in town and the lure of cheap living in commutersville with yours truly might not be a strong enough draw. So if anyone knows anyone keen to live in a nice house in sunny Oxshott for approx £200Pcm then get in touch! I am not looking for a carer. I am just looking for flatmates who, more often than not will be around in the evenings to help out with dinner and to be someone to chat too because I’m not yet confident enough to be truly independent…Iwon’t be until I retain the ability to walk, pick myself off the floor and go some way to retaining the use of my left arm and leg. These people ccan be of any age or gender and have zero caring experience and I expect them to be at some sort of job during the day when I hope the social services care package would take up the slack. I know it’s a big ask but after the last two years I deserve some luck! All that the right people need is intelligence and a sense of humour because they are the things that in this situation I would value most highly, that and not being allergic to cats. I definitely intend to get one and soon. Also suggestions as to where to advertise are always welcome,ATM I’m thinking the Gumtree, Loot, Oxshotts local rag and either(or both of) the John Lewis Victoria Chronicle) or the JL gazette. Oxshott’s actually a rather nice little town. A bit different from where I used to live, Brixton! First things first, I imagine far less crack changes hands and there are practically no junkies or wrong ‘uns although what goes on behind the net curtains of Suburbia may prove me wrong! Also, and I don’t know if this is a good thing, but over half of the Chelsea FC team live there (replete with WAGs). If it’s good enough for them it must be good! Although I’m told it might be something to do with the proximity to the training ground in Cobham. As far as transportlinks are concerned Oxshott is fantastic. The house itself is a =short walk to the station… not for me because I can’t walk and then I’m told twenty minutes into Victoria. If you need to travel by car, there is easy parking and Oxshott is located where the A3 meets the M25, ideal! Would suit students, especially medical students or travellers looking for somewhere cheap to live and even current JL employees.

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