22 Feb 2008

Post number 18: the RHN threaten legal action

I was somewhat amused yesterday when I was told that the RHN lawyers are at sixes and sevens at some of the content of this blog. I have taken a bit of informal legal advice myself and apparently I’m within my rights to tell them to sit and swivel. Frankly I don’t see what they could possibly gain from suing an impoverished, depressed bloke whose had a stroke. What could they possibly gain? All in all it saddens me to hear that the RHN has in-house legal counsel. Yet more money down the toilet and not spent on the people who really need it, the patients. Making sure the hospital is legally protected, Obviously as important as the thousands they must have spent on that new carpark and landscaping out the front of the hospital, a tiny portiom(tiny!) could have been spent trying to hurry up this growth hormone injection which they mentioned as far back as November. This may go some way to alleviating my crippling fatigue… but no, I feel that criminal incompetence has served to keep me feeling like s*** for the last three months. No wonder I hate this place! This may sound a bit like “come on then, if you think you’re hard enough!” because frankly it is. The RHN haven’t got a leg to stand on and they know it. God, this place makes me angry. No s*** I hear you say

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