2 Mar 2008

Post Number 21: The first becomeone fundraiser

Hello everyone, well, it’s the morning after the big becomeone event and before I launch into details I have to say that I’m completely hoarse and knackered because I got back at an eye-watering 11:30 PM – That is pretty late for me!

I feel extremely lucky this morning because I feel that Simon and Shaun (who run becomeone) could quite easily have filled Inigo without (very kindly) donating anything to the Dom Pardey trust, I reckon the place would have been full had they dedicated the event to Satan simply because people have a special place in their hearts for becomeone and it has quite simply provided us with some of the best moments of our lives. I’m not usually the type to get sentimental but the people and memories of amazing times had at sublogic/annexo (usually the worse for wear) choke me up a (little) bit especially in my current situation Enough of all this, last night brought back a lot of good memories. OK, so I found it difficult to cope with the volume and the low light sometimes made it tricky to navigate my wheelchair, but thank god for my wheelchair! It allows me to raise it up so I am at peoples eye-level . Also, because I can recline it I am able to use the loo with comparable ease. 2 years of basically being in a hospital bed has done strange things to my plumbing! I’m sure that’s more than enough information on that subject! Anyway the thing that really blew me away last night was the people that made it.
I’d like to thank everyone personally but fear that I have neither the time or the energy, and anyone reading this probably doesn’t have the patience. So I’m going to make some general and specific thanks and as always I’m bound to forget someone. As I said earlier I was just lucky to be associated with this, most people I think came for the event. First people to thank are of course Simon, Shaun and Jonnie, the becomeone boys, not forgetting Shauns lovely wife of the ever changing hairstyle, Renae. Tireless logisticator Hannah, her fiancé Balt, who DJ’d first quite brilliantly and Dee who helped Renae and Hannah extract punters hard-earned on the door. After that clutch of miscreants – special thanks must go to Vicky,PJ and Tony (my very close uni mates) who brought me in the ambulance. Special thanks go to Vicky for taking on the responsibility of designated driver although she apparently had to be restrained from jumping onto the dancefloor at one point. I guess I’m just grateful for people like Vicky for putting up with me running out of steam when they want to get stuck in! I am also very grateful to my John Lewis mates, Anna and Paul ( who has escaped the green mothership now) and Simon Dawes, who has been incredible in his support for me as well as being a top bloke, brought his lovely wife,Yvonne and good mate Adam who I met over a haze of booze at the Oval when we stuck it to the Aussies many moons ago. I better not start getting too lairy about our antipodean brethren because there were a few there last night. I reckon I better thank a couple of them first before I lay into them. First is Richard Launch who played 2nd .I thought his choice of tunes was great and mixed with just the right amount of swagger! At one point even I was down the front using the standing feature on my wheelchair to show my appreciation (a feature I use sparingly because it makes me look freakishly tall and is exhausting!). My other thanks to antipodeans are reserved for the surprise entrance of Damo, a man who I think the word legend was specially invented for. And the unforgettable Kiwis,Space Ben, Daegel, Markus and Karl, all guys I’ve had many a drink with. So, where have I got to? I was also thrilled to see Dale (a man I never thought I’d see again after his leaving boat party eons ago and Dom (him of the amazing Poem in post number 11) Angear and Sara (Jenkins) and Steve (Hitch), who I hadn’t seen for yonks! Not forgetting Steve Williams and his beautiful wife Naomi (who had originally not been able to make it but luckily her friend in Birmingham cancelled on her). And there was also Phil Reynolds, who said some nice stuff before we moved to discussing silly haicuts;-) I also want to say a special thanks to my good friend mr Ian Betts who was due to play last. Ian and his wife Sharon have been a great source of support and inspiration over the last few years (even before my stroke). Not only is he an exceptionally good lad and his wife a top lass but it has been a pleasure to see his personal and professional life flourish, with his Djing for Cream at Amnesia in Ibiza (twice) and playing after Paul van Dyk in London, his production work going from strength to strength, I still remember the rather excited conversation we had after his track had just been played on radio1, and most Importantly, the birth of his first son, Olly. Not only is he a top lad, he is possibly the funniest guy you’re ever likely to meet, in the words of his best man, or as Ian calls him, ‘meolebruv’ Toby Tennant [sic] ‘Ian makes us laugh’. Anyway, I left before I even heard him play, but I’ve seen him play 100s of times before, I’m sure he was brilliant, business as usual, job done, seriously – so for once since my stroke , I can at least be cheerful. Thankyou one and all, this sort of happiness is hard to come by, even, when you’re not in my position, Also, I’d like to thank everyone who was complimentary and polite about my new hairstyle as opposed to one of the residents at the TLU who said ‘ I think it suits you but it is a little bit gay’
Hot off the press are a couple of things I'd like to add, firstly I neglected to mention how good it was of Ben Gilman and his lovely fiance Erryn for coming, I also neglected to say how nice it was to see Tiia, Aimsta and most importantly Fi (because she is the most important, right) and how kind it was for my great old friends Alice and Dom Icely to come along, Dom showing how long it had been since he'd been out by sporting a cyberdog t-shirt (sorry, but I couldn't resist). Anyhoo, I've just heard in the last couple of minutes that they managed to raise £1855 on the door which equates to~371 people which for a 200 capacity venue is nothing short of Jaw-dropping and will go such a long way for contributing towards the valuable therapy I need to help me(among other things) walk again.

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I'm just chuffed we raise so much and that you could come along to it. All of the hard work was ore than worth it on the night. I would also like to thank Inigo and John Lewis for donating the raffle prizes.




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