13 Mar 2008

Post number 25: What to do for my 31st

This seems like a bit of a frivolous thing to be troubling myself about but I have no clue how best to do my 31st birthday. – There are just too many drcisions to be made and given the state of my head (not a reference too my hair!) I appear to be utterly useless at making decisions now! Perhaps they weren’t my favourite thing before but I don’t recall being this rubbish! My 31st is next Thursday (20th) so it’s already pretty late notice. As far as I can work out, the options are
1. Have my folks take me out for dinner on the 20th
2. Have a low key gathering of close friends and family at the TLU on Easter Monday at the TLU
3. Wait until I’ve moved to my new house and combine it with a housewarming in mid april
4. Sod having a birthday and just have a housewarming in mid may
5. Combine a birthday with a TLU leaving party sometime at the end of march
6. Some variation/combination of the above
7. Don’t bother with anything
8. Shut Up and just get on with it, fool!

Can you see why I’m confused?

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Anonymous said...

Well make sure you let us know so we don't come over to see you, and you not be there! :p



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