30 Mar 2008

Post number 33: Helena Christiansen and a 'concrete result'

My favourite bit in Alex James autobiography is the bit where he comes face to face with Helena Christiansen in the Groucho club. If my memory serves me correctly, the line goes, running into the most beautiful woman in the world,at least in my opinion, was an absolute concrete result. A great turn of phrase there. I, myself would have described the moment as a four engined touch, a phrase that only my friends Simon and Ian fully understand. It basically originated a few years back in my back yard. It was a beautiful sunny day one summer weekend and Simon and I were sharing a cold Stella. It was perfectly quiet and still (odd for Brixton and my flat!), there was no loud music emanating from my Kitchen, Hildegard (the 70 year old German lady from upstairs) wasn’t sticking her head out of the window and shouting ‘nein, nein, turn it down’. It was idyllic, not to hot, not too cold, what I used to enjoy about Sundays, Suddenly , the small patch of blue sky was filled with a noiseless, seemingly floating jumbo jet. It seemed to drift effortlessly overhead. I was mesmerised, transfixed and said to Simon ,’what a f**king touch that was. I must have got a bit carried away because Simon (who obviously told Ian about this incident, the two of them have never let me live the incident down and quite frequently start conversations with me by saying ‘seen any four engined touches lately? Bastards. Anyway as Mr James autobiography rumbles on I was particularly taken by how his love for a girl named Justine ( his first true love) never falters despite his philandering and rockstar excesses. I can draw plenty of obvious Parralels between this and my 20s, wher it’s easy for me to now see what a stupid, young,immature fool I was in my 20s more interested in having a good time than appreciating what I really had.


Clemmie said...

Hi Dom,

I just came across your blog by chance upon doing a smidgen of research.

My brother, William, is currently in Kings recovering from 2 strokes, a heart attack & craniotomy all of which happened 3 months ago this coming weekend (feels like 3 times that for us, and I can't imagine how much longer for him). He's in pretty bad shape, not helped by nursing 'mishaps' which keep setting him back, especially over the last week after he was feeling much more stabile- don't even get me started on this one!).

We actually met Alf yesterday for the first time (no fluff, knows her stuff, very reassuring....) and should find out soon if Will is heading for his rehab in Putney or Blackheath.

I will continue to read your blog as you have already provided amazing insight for us outsiders.

Thanking you and keep strong.


Dom P said...

Hi Clemmie
For starters, I'm sorry to hear about your brother, poor guy, I wish I could provide a few crumbs of comfort. At this stage, thank god he's alive. For the future the thing that will keep him going is visitors so make sure you choose a rehab place people can get to. Having your own room also makes a huge difference. I knowFA about blackheath and I don't think I can hand on heart reccommend Putney for the reasons I've outlined in my blog but you could do worse than here. If you have anymore specific questions feel free to get in touch again. I think you can see my email address. I'm glad this stream of consciousness is of use to someone!




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