17 Apr 2008

Posr Number 38: The ridiculous inefficiency of the NHS

I was desperate to make this a happier post but the sum total of happy events that are happy and worth writing about are unsurprisingly, zero. So today’s tale of woe; rant; whatever you want to call it: The ridiculous inefficiency of the NHS and the failings of medical science. Now please understand me, I, and many others owe the NHS and medical science our lives but today, or so I thought, was the day I was going to get this long awaited growth hormone imjection that may go some way to alleviating my most debilitating disability, my chronic fatigue – you know the one that keeps me from ever not feeling dreadful or embracing my therapy sessions, in short the disability that interferes with everything and the thing I hate the most about this condition. So I had fairly high hopes for this appointment. I have learnt though with this condition to always keep your hopes down and to always expect disappointment, the British way! This morning was no exception. I was first told about this treatment in November, it is now April and in the last few months I have done enough blood tests to put a pin-cushion to shame! So that the specialists who this has been referred on to (or hospital passed as I call it) should know everything about me and whether the treatment is appropriate for me. Rubbish, I rolled through the door of surrey hospital in Guilford this morning for the appointment I’d waited the best part of six months for and although they had the details of the appointment (with a different Doctor to the one I’d been referred to originally) I might have been a complete stranger! They even had to telephone the TLU to find out which blood tests had been done and to get the TLU to fax them through the results. Having looked at the fax cursorarily the’specialist’ told me two things, I needed more blood tests and no matter what those showed that it was unlikely it’d ever be worthwhile giving me the treatment because ‘it may not work’ or ’there could be side effects’. I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to wish that they’d never mentioned this in the first place! Hands up anyone who wants to be me, don’t all reply at once!

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