20 Apr 2008

Posr Number 39: FOOD

It’s another weekend and unfortunately I’m still at the TLU! So much for me not bothering to write another blog post till I’m ensconced in Oxshott! Sod that when I’ve got something to write about. Those who know me well know I’m a man of action and I’m far too impatient (impertinent?) to store up ideas for a few weeks and then try and reel them off. I much prefer to seize the moment. Saving up ideas not only risks forgetting them but may risk the slow creep of the ‘can’t be arsed’ gene which has been known to overtake me once or twice. I suppose I better get on with it before I forget what I was going to write or I have an ‘apathy attack™’ AKA an attack of the’can’t be arseds’. This weekend has largely been about food. Firstly, my friends Vicky and Peter sprung a surprise visit on me yesterday. It was probably in the diary, I just utterly failed to register it! Not the first time something blindingly obvious has passed me by! Anyway they had come (avec ambulance) to take me out to lunch somewhere in Battersea. Now food has been practically one of the only things I have been able to derive any pleasure from in the last two odd years!No sex, no regular trips too bars/pubs, no reading of newspapers in comfy chairs on Sundays,no long lie-ins, no all-night benders you get the picture and by the way you won’t be surprised to hear that hospital food is terrible! So, pretty much the only thing that has brought me pleasure is the food that has either been brought in by kind friends and family or courtesy of those who have taken me out. I just need everyone to know how important this has been to me. This change of emphasis has not been without its consequences. Sadly, I have had to worry about my weight for the first time in my life. At last count I think I need to lose 8kg to get down to a target weight of 90kg. This figure was set by the cute dietician on Drapers ward. Her looks were not enough to prevent our regular meetings being pitched battles with neither side willing to budge. The way I saw it she was trying to curtail what little enjoyment remained in my life and she, quite rightly was trying to stop me becoming a fat bastard. Even though my target weight looks like a distant pipedream, in a funny kind of way I think she has succeeded because now at least I think twice about eating whatever takes my fancy. Anyway, I appear to have digressed (again), the real reason I was inspired to write this post was because of an amazing meal that was cooked for me by a long prodigal friend of mine last night. The friend in question is a slightly mad saffa girl named Tanya. I would go as far as to say she’s the best cook I know, now that is a high accolade because that includes my mum! Last night Tanya rustled me up a four (yes four!) course meal (all cooked from scratch of course but in some cases prepared earlier, a wise precaution because the TLU kitchen cannot be said to be equipped for advanced chefs), To start with, an absolutely delicious thai style prawn soup, The type of soup I reckon you’d be hard pushed to find in all but the best restaurants, you know with allsorts of subtle flavours and delicious whole prawns in the bottom, for 2nd course mango and crispy duck salad which was pretty damn nice (if a bit challenging for me to eat one handed), for main course (and I could scarcely believe this) Lobster (Which we have duly saved for a return visit on Monday and seeing as it transpires she lives just down the road it’s dead easy), just as well I had saved some space by not eating main course for the piece de la resistance was for pudding: Cherry crumble with homemade white chocolate ice cream! A feast fit for a king and rather too good for me I think. Thank you Tanya for the thought, effort, expense and time – its gestures like this that stop me hitting rock-bottom, even though I enjoy Simon W’s pizza making afternoons (and eating, obviously I do believe that they may have been relegated to 2nd place. Tanya’s more sophisticated culinary delights are bar the pudding probably better for my waistline!
and deservedly instantly grab the top spot. Before anyone can say, ‘hang on this isn’t a competition’, I would counter by saying ‘I make the rules’.


Anonymous said...

Charming, no more pizza's for you then :p

Dom P said...

I might have known you'd be onto this! I know you're a vegetarian but you'll have to take my word for it that Tanya's 4 course meals are mighty fine.

Anonymous said...

I can try and cook you some meat, but i fear i may poison you!!



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