7 Apr 2008

Post number 36: still sadly in Putney

Oh dear, it’s Monday again and I appear to be blogging. That’s because I’ve had a rather mixed weekend and I’m so tired that I feel sorry for anyone unlucky enough to have to deal with me. Things are about to get much worse because I’ve got ‘walking practice’ or’pathetic staggering’ in a minute which will undoubtedly wipe me out for the rest of the day!

Saturday was lovely and Sunday was incredibly dull and the most exciting thing I can think of to try and stave off the tedium and isolation of yesterday is this! How s**t is my life?!
What worries me is that it will be like this forever no matter where I am until I have enough energy to find something meaningful to do with the rest of my life!
For the time being writing this blog (frustrating, slow and exhausting as it is) is literally the most exciting thing I can think of. Christ, an entire day of b*ll*ckings at the hands of my former colleagues would be more exciting if not exactly preferable but at least it could happen. The reason yesterday was so dull was because precisely no-one visited and there seemed to be sweet FA on the box. The reason (I think and hope) no-one visited is because it snowed yesterday. Britain is gloriously unprepared for snow it seems and Chaos reigned. Even my seemingly unstoppable parents were halted by the snow (and I’m glad they were because the less risks they take the better!).Although my mum reported to me that the car in front of her on the motorway on her way to some (apparently cancelled) golf day had done a 360, so much for them not taking risks.
Auyway, Saturday was a much better day simply because Tash came to visit with her lovely friend Ceri. It’s days like those that in this situation make life worth living. Tash had (as always) brought me some delicious food and made me feel special all day. She’s so good at that, for example we decided to drop in on one of the other residents, Chris (the intelligent guy whose whole life seems to be geared toward fanatical devotion to Chelsea football club (such a waste on such a pointless, dull and morally bankrupt sport)). I don’t know how she does it but his day was instantly lifted by her presence, all talk of Chelsea was instantly shelved! I then took Tash and Ceri to meet Carlie and both of them were visibly moved by how well Carlie is dealing with this, Tash is a formidable ally and by the end of the encounter Tash had agreed to help advocate to get Carlie some more therapy if at all possible. Tash really is amazing and so wants to help people so much, she doesn’t seem to be happy unless she is making a difference. She’s such a great person to have on your side… her new bloke better appreciate all this otherwise I’ll hunt him down and run his toes over. I missed her the nanosecond she walked out the door. My life is made so much worse by her being with someone else and the pain is so tangible. Ok, it’s time to call a halt to these online histrionics. This isn’t me at all.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dom, sorry to hear you had such a mixed weekend. I'm hoping that once you are over in Oxshot we can start looking at things to keep you occupied so that the dreaded boredom doesn't keep getting you. See you on Thursday :)



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