18 May 2008

Post 44: My cousin Nicky's wedding in Wales

I am utterly exhausted (dare I say pathetically?) I.e. when I'm too tired to talk (or type FFS!!) but it's been a while since my last effort and my monday efforts tend to be awful because of quite serious mondayitis! The reason I'm so exhausted is because I've just got back from my cousin Nicky's wedding. She lives in London so where did she get married? On the Welsh coast of course! So, a five hour drive! To be fair it is possibly one of the most beautiful places on earth. Perched on the clifftops we used to go there as kids, and from my recollection you're always taking a bit of a gamble with the weather. It duly obliged and it was cold and wet for the whole weekend. Luckily we were spared any wind which was miraculous because if it's rainin and blowing a gale it can be one of the most foreboding places on earth (and I have taken in most of Londons hospitals!).
Now, I love weddings, but since my stroke they have got so difficult for me. Weddings are a celebration of humanity. Without exception, every wedding I have been too ( even since my stroke) has been the most joyous day of the lives of those involved. This sounds trite but it is always an honour and a privilege to be invited for whatever reason to have some of the joy rub off (which it inevitably does). This weekend was no exception, Nicky looked amazing and (now her husband) – David , looked ever so smart. The wedding itself took place in a specially sanctioned room in Druidstone hotel and was simple, elegant and short. Being a wheelchair user, I have found that for most events you get a reserved seat right near the front ( possibly the only advantage of this condition I can think of!) but the great thing about being so close to the action, so to speak, is that you get to see how intense the proceedings are for the couple, it's so emotional for them and (as long as the vows go to plan) fills the whole room with happiness. Once the wedding is finished it's on to the serious business of the reception. I particularly love the speeches and on saturday they didn't dissapoint. My uncle Ian (a legend at the best of times) gave his speech in his capacity as father of the bride quite hilariously explained why he had rather enthusiastically given away the bride, he was followed extremely eloquently (and rather funnyly by the groom and then the best man. The time taken for the speeches was an extremely sociable 30mins. I think the girl who won the inevitable sweepstake was pleasantly astounded. Everyone had expected them to be a great deal longer! I was extremely well looked after by my cousins Julie and Danny abd entertained by hilarious Lisette and gorgeous Emma both friends of Nicky who I'd both last seen years previously. How I've changed: From obnoxious little brat to Obnoxious wheelchair user! Lisette seemed to think my sense of humour had survived although I'd say my predicament has made me rather more bitter and twisted. For example I used to love going to weddings. I used to love the sense of occasion. Seeing old friends and meeting new people. At the reception I used to adopt a 'last man standing' approach and then crash on the nearest available sofa or floor. Now events like this have to be planned meticulously and I have to be escorted everywhere (usually by my Dad because he is strong and can help me transfer). I no longer have the energy to last the course. It is so demeaning to have to have my food cut up or to have to make my excuses and slope off for a rest. It makes me cry how little I can cope with but at least I can go to these things. I think the long journey (as well as the unfamiliar environment and my total lack of independence) did for me this weekend but it was worth it to see Nicky and David that happy!

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Gorgeous description. Well done.



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