12 May 2008

Post 43: A message from Katie Cartwright

I have been inspired to write another blog post today by a lovely message I received from an old college friend Katie Cartwright (nee Williams) telling me about what has happened/is happening in her and her legendary husband, Anton's lives at the moment. I love emails like that because once I've made it readable because of my shocking eyesight it gives me time to sit down and have a proper read. Being able to do that without blowing up the text size is one of the things I miss most. Being able to immerse myself in a newspaper was one of life's pleasures. Not anymore! Nothing tremendously exciting is happening in my life because nothing exciting ever happens anymore. I suppose completing my 2nd week out of hospital is about as exciting as it gets. That said the reason I haven't written a blog post for a while is because I've been too damn busy! So, where to start – I think the first thing to say is that living like this isn't too bad compared to being in hospital. Sure, the fear of something going wrong is always there and the feeling of isolation and loneliness is more acute but being in your own space is so important. I no longer feel like a small child except when my parents just turn up unannounced, let themselves in and take over.Hopefully, that won't be happening again! It cannot be underestimated what having your own space does for your self esteem. OK, I Still need plenty of help to do anything and most of it seems to be coming from South Africans. Now in the past, I sometimes haven't been the most charitable to Saffas. I've changed my tune! My two housemates are two very kind and amusing Saffa ladies who are doing the job of evening carers ever so well, my physio is a delightful Saffa girl called Natalie. She is everything I'd want from a therapist, she is the right combination of experience/knowledge so I really respect what she says, she is also slightly sadistic and bossy – just enough to get me to work hard, 'yes, Natalie' is a common phrase from me, she is also very interestingly pretty which given my nature always helps! So far she has taken me through the rather mundane and exhausting process (1/1/2 days worth) of setting up my Saeboflex left arm splint. This is a weird looking device that looks rather like a robot arm which through a series of rather dull exercises is supposed to strengthen my shoulder, elbow and hand. I was rather hoping it would do rather more given the substantial outlay for it. I should know better, nothing comes easy in my world!
One thing that is working out is that I am still getting cooked amazing meals by my friend Tanya ( Herself a Joburgher). So why has it taken me so long to get around to this blog post? Well, between bouts of physio and Tanya's exquisite cooking I have been utterly absorbed (and exhausted) settling in out of hospital. I was rather hoping that new surroundings and new people would give me fresh energy. Not so sadly although one thing that really cheered me was going to see the filming of comedy panel show QI last Tuesday. Big thanks to Tony for organising it and the two Simon's ( Dawes and Winstanley) for taking me. It was quite brilliant as well as being quite interesting (see what I did there!), Sorry for my crap gags but I can't resist them. I would heartily commend going to one of these shows, it'll well be worth the £0 outlay and the investment in time. I think the only hardship would be waiting in the queue outside which you handily don't have to wait in if you happen to be with someone in a wheelchair (i.e. me). Anyway, you get the point – you won't regret going.

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