23 Jun 2008

Post 49: Housewarming Preamble

Todays post is going to be bit short on information because I don't have long before I have to head out. But next time around when I've got time I'll have plenty (I can hear the groans already) to go on about. The first of which was my housewarming which despite the best efforts of the British weather (it was just grey and dull and wasn't too cold and thankfully didn't rain), all in all a good result. Being a bit of an exhibitionist I had decided to do two (possibly unwise) things:
1. Dye my hair 'blonde' the day before
2.Give a speech to say thankyou for all the support I'd received since my stroke
Well, the first I think'blonde' or 'golden' would be the kindest way to describe the colour and as for style I think Tanya said it best with 'the 80s called and said they want their haircut back.' I hope it grows out soon!
As for 2, here is what I wrote but it probably sounded quite different because I did tend to stray off the beaten track er, once or twice. Many thanks to my sister for turning the pages and reigning me in.
'Hello everyone, I'm glad that so many people could make it out to the leafy shires. This place couldn't be more different from hospital or indeed where I used to live, in Brixton. I have certainly noticed less crackheads, junkies
and wierdos around here. Maybe that will come with time -anyway enough about hospital – it's nice to finally be out of there. 2 and a half years is a long time by anyones standards and it has been great to see how people have stuck by me despite my illness. This has been and continues to be the hardest thing I've ever had to endure and there is no way I could have done this alone. Friends, family and my former employer John Lewis have been amazing as have a lot of the hospital staff who've had to put up with me. I have by no means been the easiest patient to deal with. For starters I'm not the lightest or most patient person in the world so being an inpatient for so long has been an exercise in trial and error and just because this speech isn't littered with four letter words doesn;t mean my language wasn't back then..
So the house that you see before you today is down to the sheer good luck of having this property in the family - most other people wouldn't have had this chance, it was only in the latter part of last year when the hospital started talking about putting me in a home when the Pardey/Stoker machine kicked into action realising there had to be an alternative. Could you imagine me in a care home?
Anyway, it was my cousin Julie's suggestion to convert one of these houses to be a bit more wheelchair friendly and as luck would have it this house wad lying vacant ready to be renovated and then rented. I first saw this place in January this year and my heart sank - The house was basically a shell and it was impossible to imagine living here.
What you see before you now is testament to the skill and talent of my brother, Chris, so often the unsung hero. Some of you may have had the odd bathroom or Kitchen done by him but this place is testament to what he can really do. It really is amazing, and that is not the only amazing thing. Some, if not most of you will remember my 30th , I truly hope for everyones sakes that I have not or will not witter on for as long as I did then, but it was on that day that I believe the Dom Pardey Trust started. Those of you who aren't familiar with it must know that it is through the incredible generosity of friends that I have been able to put such fantastic things in this house. TV's that I can actually see, a computer I can actually use and an electric bed that mimics some of the features of a hospital bed without (thankfully being a hospital bed. The trust is also helping me pay for therapy,particularly all important physiotherapy which I otherwise wouldn't be able to afford. This to me is yet another example of how lucky I have been and how my convalescence could have been even harder than it is.
It remains to thank you all for being such an incredible support to me during the most difficult days of my life. I wish I could thank everyone by name individually but each and everyone of you knows what they have done for me in the last two and a half years, and know this – when I have recovered I will be there to return the favour, with interest. This experience has been profoundly humbling'


Andy said...

Dom - great to finally make it out to the country estate. Your bro has done an awesome job. Hope you enjoyed the day; I had a great time.

Looked as though you'll have enough meat to subsist on for a while. But I'll make sure I pass through with some steak at some point soon...


Dom P said...

Hopefully, you'll not have to bring half as many kitchen utensils. I think this kitchen is better equipped than the hospital one! You're right though there's plenty of leftover meat, certainly enough to last a while!



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