29 Jun 2008

Post 51: 'a change in the weather' and Goldfrapp

One thing that really resonated with me from the latest audiobook I am listening too 'a change in the weather' by Mark Mcewen, a title on stroke brought to my attention by one of the comments on this blog and kindly bought for me by my great friend Simon Winstanley is how with stroke you have no frame of reference to explain what's wrong with you. If you lose a leg (horrific as that is) at least you can probably tell why you're having some trouble walking, whereas with stroke it's virtually impossible to understand why you can't do something you've been doing with ease for years especially when the leg that doesn't work properly on casual inspection looks fine (I would have expected it to have wasted away by now). For example with this damn fatigue. I used to have plenty of natural energy. I like to think it defined my personality in a positive way. Now, in my opinion that's all gone. Plenty of people (my family included) say to me 'it's still the same Dom' but I always disagree, the old Dom would never allow himself to feel like this or live like this for so long. That's why I'm so fed up, because it feels like there's nothing I can do. I was walking normally for years, surely my brain can't have just forgotten how to do it? Well apparently it can if the parts of the brain that used to control certain things just isn't there anymore. This is one of the reasons rehab's so hard and so boring. Its about re-teaching a completely new area of the brain to do something that a completely different area of the brain used to handle and apparently the key is repetition. Completely unlike Homer Simpsons brain then, where he is convinced that learning something new pushes something else out, he tries to illustrate this by saying 'you remember when I took that home winemaking course and I forgot how to drive?' Marge retorts by saying 'you were drunk Homer'. Since my stroke I have become quite the amateur neurologist but for my sins I've always been a Simpsons buff.
Anyway, I'm off to something a bit out of left field tonight. Tireless organizer, fearless driver, endlessly patient saintly friend Tanya is taking me to see Bon Jovi at Twickenham. Now I'm hardly a rocker unlike my friends Gary and Jo who I missed (quite rightly) earlier on in the week when they had donned tight leather trousers (at least I can imagine Gary did, Jo, his beautiful wife probably saved herself) to go to a whitesnake/def lepard gig at Wembley. Looks like I've got my hair dyed just in time for the 80s coming back! Just to get off the 80s theme (always a good thing) this will be my 2nd concert this week because on Wednesday I went to the Albert Hall (again courtesy of the saintly Tanya) to see Goldfrapp. Now, they are rather more contemporary and I was somewhat ashamed to say I knew the square root of FA about them. This didn't matter because in the RAH they were nothing short of sensational. The accoustics were amazing and Alison Goldfrapp's voice is spellbinding. I was utterly enraptured. While I'm here and waxing lyrical about musical occasions, may I heartily commend becomeone at Inigo in Clapham on August 2nd. Yes that's right, after the runaway success of the last one. Great friends Simon and Shaun are putting on another party to raise money for the Dom Pardey trust. I am virtually speechless with gratitude.

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