10 Jul 2008

Post 54: The start of my obsession with TV quizcoms

I usually start each post with a comment lamenting how long it's been since my last post, this is no exception, it has been ages. I can however offer that rarest of commodities, a valid excuse, you would have thought I'd have more time now that I'm at home and have my own computer but sadly not, my occupational therapist and a doctor I went to see the other day about my soul-destroying fatigue told me that I needed to be more disciplined in my daily routine, i.e. Always take my rest breaks at the same time every day, don't just carry on doing what you're doing till you're exhausted, sadly this means less blogging and it's difficult to get your head round the concept of mandatory rests when you never used to have to take them at all,damn my pathetic body! Anyway, today started OK when a particularly pretty old friend of min from College, Julia Colegate-Stone (nee Renton) wrote me a lovely card updating me on what has been happening in her world. It's touches like this that make me glad I didn't die. Subtle Hint to everyone else!
To stave off the terrible threesome of depression, loneliness and exhaustion I have become somewhat addicted to quizcoms (some of you thought I was going to say smack there, that's probably a few months off;-) my favourites being 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks', 'Mock the Week and 'QI', 'Buzzcocks' is probably my favourite because of the regulars including my favourite comedian and alround genius Bill Bailey, he really is a strange extraordinary man. He looks like a wizard crossed with a klingon and seems to perpetually be inhabiting some other dimension.On 'buzzcocks' that I saw recently he had on his team well known Lesbian Jackie Klum, host Mark Lemarr said to her 'do you hate men Jackie, well it's lucky you're not sat next to one'. Bill, who of course was sitting next to her said without missing a beat 'that's right, I am Ozziemandius, king of the tree people' in that slight south-west bumpkin accent of his, weird but genius.
Also courtesy of 'Buzzcocks' I also discovered that Lily Allen is probably my ideal woman. Not only do I find her beautiful but I just love her attitude. She's funny as hell and no-nonsense enough but cute and oddly vulnerable to make you just want to look after her. Enough of my impossible dreams, I'm also a big fan of phil Jupitus and think that reasonably new host Simon Amstell holds his own between two of comedies biggest heavyweights ( at least in Jupitus' terms literally). I reckon Jupitus best moment on the show (that I have seen) is when asked what sexual feat he'd bring to the table in nicking 'So Solid Crews' women he said 'I bring 300lbs, it's not so much a shag as a fight for survival'. Genius!


Shaun said...

Re Lilly Allen. I would too! ;)

Dom P said...

I'm glad I'm not alone although I have updated my thinking ( see latest post) doesn't mean I still wouldn't, mind

Mernie said...

Lily Allen? Really?

Dom P said...




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