20 Jul 2008

Post 57: Getting round to getting a kitten

Good morning, not too much in this post as I haven't really had much time but I still think it's worth saying although I won't be winning any prizes for motivating other stroke survivors! Here's something I put in an e-mail the other day and I thought it might be helpful in explaining how I feel every bloody day- I've thought of a good way of describing how I feel that explains my reticence at doing additional exercises and why I feel like crap all the time. Imagine doing the worst, hardest job you've ever done for no pay and the only incentive you've got is to get a sub-standard version of yourself back at the end. There's never any immediate payback and the thing you're working towards looks a long way off and not that appealing, I think you'd tell anyone who told you to work harder to politely 'sod off'.
On the plus side I've finally got a kitten which should be good for companionship and relaxation, I just hope it gets used to the chair! I don't imagine it'll like me much if I accidentally run over it's tail! I'm also off to the Farnborough airshow today with Alex & Steve, I've never been before so must confess to being quite excited. Fingers Crossed it doesn't rain.

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