28 Jul 2008

Post 59: Buzzcocks gags

Mercifully (For all concerned,myself included) a rather shorter post this time.
One of the best gags I heard recently was on my favourite tv show at the moment 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks'. Simon Amstell (the impossibly young looking presenter)was baiting one of the Kaiser Chiefs “so congratulations on the Brit Award” “I'm sure you've been taking cocaine for the last 8 months, punching papparazzos, snogging models., eating expensive meat...”.To this Phil Jupitus effecting a thick manc accent said “Simon, they're Kaiser Chiefs, they've been having TWO sugars int tea”, the hilarity didn't end there, the conversation moved on to former boyband 5ive, Jupitus said “ 5ive always had this vibe about them, that the band was something they did when they weren't on site” Brilliant, to which Simon Amstell added “and 5ive were considerably harder than East 17 - “whereas East 17 were like Car thieves, 5ive could have killed” I love this kind of comedy,it's one of the few things outside of visits and pretty girls, or even better visits from pretty girls that keep my spirits afloat. It does feel a bit self-indulgent going on about the things I like in this way – I'm torn between making an honest apology or saying 'sod it', I'll go on about what I bloody well want. As I write this I'm listening to rather a good trance classics mix that I found as an MP3 somewhere on the internet, what brings a slight smile and tear to my face at the same time because on listening rather more carefully, I would realise that this was a record I used to own, I say used to, unfortunately one or two of my rather more classic pieces of vinyl were in my parents attic for 'safety' while I was in hospital along with my turntables etc... when their house got struck by lightning and burnt to the ground some eighteen months ago. As that Prat Richard Littlejohn would say 'you couldn't make it up!' That's right, the Pardey family have had about as bad a last couple of years as it gets. In fact so bad that it's almost funny. Deaths (my granny died in december last year),near deaths, traumatic break ups, the works but here I am, hoping to one day be able to take on the world again. For no reason I can fathom I believe in Karma and feel I deserve a little good fortune. Certainly getting this far has relied on quite a lot of good fortune – may it continue!


Anonymous said...

I watched that episode of 'Buzzcocks' and it was indeed very funny. You should watch 'Mock the Week' too as Frankie Boyle on there is top jokes. :)

Dom P said...

I do watc hMTW and Frankie Boyle is hilarious, esp when he does his 'angry scottish man'



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