8 Aug 2008

Post 62: Having to rest

I really don't get to do this much these days, mainly because between doing my exercises and my fatigue management (a fancy term for bed rest recommended to me by the local occupational therapists) The idea is that if I take my rests at the same time everyday, I'm supposed to feel less tired and I'm supposed to feel more energetic for my therapy and other things. Call me selfish but the reason I thought I took these rests was to try and feel less like crap but sadly it hasn't done that at all. I still feel terrible. It's so depressing always feeling the same no matter what, it's terrible. Also, being completely honest i've got a serious case of writers block. Yesterday I realized how little understanding there was of the world of disability. To be clear I can only use one arm so the only way I could charge something as mundane as a mobile phone would be if I could place the phone (one handed) in some sort of cradle. Is there a single mobile with a cradle easily available at the biggest mobile phone retailer in the country, the carphone warehouse, ask a silly question, of course they don't! I even asked if they did some sort of car cradle which I could fashion for in-house rather than in-car use? Surely at a place called the 'Carphone' Warehouse that's not to much to ask?. Maybe I'm too sarcastic but the sales assistant looked at me like I was some sort of wheelchair bound alien. Not an unusual reaction for the sales automatons in the 'carphone warehouse' if you ask them anything! After my frustrating and unsuccessful shopping trip I dropped in on the Royal Hospital up the road to see how my remarkable friend Carlie was getting along. She is fine and so brave and positive with none of the cynicism I exhibit, I don't know how she does it. She is an example to us all. It is hard to imagine I spent two miserable years in that place and made me realise how much better off I am to be out of there. It really is an awful place but as hospitals go, I suppose it's not that bad.
Changing the subject, I have just watched the opening ceremony of the olympics, I say watched, I think endure would be a more accurate word, god, it is soul crushingly boring. At least the Chinese are good at fireworks!

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how many Chinese died for that opening ceremony.



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