3 Aug 2008

Post 61: the 2nd becomeone fundraiser

So, last night was the 2nd becomeone event to raise money for the trust and it was rather good. The place was pretty full, the girls were hot and the music was suitably throbbing. Enough cheap innuendo, it was great to see so many familiar faces and a few unfamiliar ones. As usual I am taken aback by the mixture of people, which is testament to the wide cross section of people that becomeone appeals too and how many paths I have trodden (while I could walk). Big thanks must go to Simon and Shaun for mastermininding it, the venue (Inigo) for donating themselves for free and the Djs for playing for nothing. I also want to thank my great friend Simon Dawes for being on designated driver detail. Very noble of him indeed to be able to resist joining in the party. I also want to wish Miss Jackson happy birthday (for next Tuesday and thank her for inviting me along to her birthday festivities first in a pub close to Inigo. Going to both things has taught me to never overestimate my stamina. I was feeling destroyed when I left Inigo (at 11ish) and all I'd done is talk to a few people. One thing last night did teach me is how self conscious I am now. I am mortified about looking exhausted and being in a wheelchair and about my voice being so weak and weird and being difficult to hear. People can tell me until they're blue in the face that it makes no difference but I know it does. Anyway, watch this space to see how much we raised, and au revoir 'mostly harmless' Ben Davies, an antip who has made a huge impression on everyone he's met. He's a classic bloke who never ceases to amuse people, usually for the wrong reasons. London will be a duller place wuthout him.


Shaun said...

A thoroughly enjoyable party and well pleased with the money we raised for the trust. :)

Anonymous said...

Agreed, we raised loads of cash doing something enjoyable. Can't say fairer than that :)



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