24 Aug 2008

Post 66: The SW4 Music Festival

So, on saturday I went to the SW4 dance music festival, something a few months ago I would never have imagined possible. It was a huge investment in energy but it was worth it to see quite a few of my friends, listen to superstar DJ John Digweed and see 10,000 people having the times of their lives. This was the 3rd time I'd been to SW4 and I'm convinced now that the organiser, an Aussie called Damo who I happen to know must have done some dodgy deal with Satan for the weather because if it rained the festival would be misery. The list of thanks is long and starts with one of my Saffa housemates Averil for driving me there and back and for somehow keeping herself entertained all afternoon when I just buggered off with my mates. I particularly want to thank Simon for then taking the lead in looking after me when the temptation to do ones own thing must have been there. I am particularly grateful to him for on a few occasions he trailblazed a path through a seemingly impassable ocean of people so I could get from A to B, the man is a legend. I also want to thank and re-say hello to all the people who made yesterday so special, Shaun and his lovely wife Renae, gorgeous girls, Lizzie, Sharon, Mernie, Leigh and Dee. Michael who I hadn't seen for ages, Gary and Jo, Paul and Sioban who looked after me for ages, Gaelle who as ever looked great and all the slightly mental randoms who looked after me on the disabled viewing platform especially fellow wheelchair user Steve who was having a determinedly good time and lovely Angel who talked to me when I could barely stay awake. SW4 has a special place in my heart. In 2004 it is where Tash and I got back together, I'll never forget Sasha playing 'Mr Brightside' as the sun went down on a glorious afternoon on Clapham Common and the walk home to my place in Brixton not being far unlike most festivals where you're several grim hours from getting home via various modes of transport with fellow casualties from the night before. In 2004, the sheer proximity of my flat to SW4 led to an epic impromptu party which seriously pissed off my neighbor, that'll never happen again!
In short, despite all the hard work, it was worth it although for the record I was dissapointed with DJ Erick Morillo, who I have seen several times before and he was masterful. Hopefully, when I've recovered from my stroke (in a few long years) these sorts of thing will still be happening and I hope I can enjoy some of them.


Anonymous said...

My pleasure! It was great that you came along and enjoyed yourself, and i know it must have been quite overwhelming!! Everyone i spoke to said they were so happy to see you there, and i agree about Diggers, he was awesome, set of the day i would say :)

Dom P said...

It was great to be there, It wasn't so long ago that I could only be in my chair for 15 minutes.

Shaun said...

One of the best posts I've read on your blog so far, great to hear some positive thoughts from you. Can't wait to do it again with you next year mate! :)

Mernie said...

It was a brilliant day and great to see you! xx

Mia said...

I've been lurking on your blog for awhile, it's great to see things getting better. :)

So jealous you went to SW4, sounds like you had an amazing day.



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