4 Sep 2008

Post 69: Alice and Dom and bizarre coincidences

I can't possibly write something about everyone who comes to see me, I simply don't have the time or the typing speed or most importantly of all, the energy. I'm sure a collective sigh of relief was breathed there but I feel compelled to write something nice about Alice and her husband Dom who came to see me last night, not only have they been the most loyal of loyal friends but it is quite unfathomably brilliant that they have ended up together, I can't think of a better couple and I know a few good ones. I've known Dom for years, scarily I think it's almost 25 years when our parents met in some cafe queue on the side of a mountain in Switzerland. His mum and my mum have both got rather loud voices so no prizes for guessing how they thought they might have something to talk about. Dom and I skied together from that moment on after every christmas for years. We both went through (completely separate) schools, him a year behind me before ending up at different Oxford Colleges.Alice turned up at my college (a year after me). I wish I could take the credit for introducing them but I think they had already met by virtue of being on the same course. So bizarrely, I knew Alice before Dom, so that them ending up married has meant the uniting of two great friends. It's always awesome to see them particularly as Alice is off 'saving the world' in Africa (he says cynically) working on HIV education projects for weeks at a time. Each time she goes I miss her and worry about her which is nothing compared to what poor Dom must go through. People like them and seeing them make my life worth living. I'm so glad I've worked out how to post pictures!

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Anonymous said...

You may be glad you have sussed posting pictures, but i am dreading some of the ones you could put up of me!



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