7 Sep 2008

Post 70:Lunch with the girls

It's a tough life, going out to lunch with four of my old uni mates. Made even tougher by the fact that they're all gorgeous girls. I'd offered to take out for a weekend lunch Alice, Sally, Alex and Helen a while back but they wouldn't let me pay which was so kind of them. Sadly, three of them are lost to the men of this world by marrying very nice blokes, why Helen hasn't been snapped up yet is an utter mystery to me. Despite the odd envious glance from passing patrons lunch went by without incident except when Sal's one year old son, Oscar wanted to get everyones attention by standing (usually with a little support), cooing,smiling and dribbling, I wish I could attract the attention of beautiful women by doing that, the standing still eludes me but for some reason the dribbling doesn't help. Anyway I guess my point is that being able to go to this loval pub and have a fantastic lunch with these lovely ladies helps me feel a little more normal. Again and for that I'm grateful.

It IS a tough life when you realise that your life basically falls apart when some key people are away. This week both my flatmates had to go toSouthAfrica. Caroline to go and get married (a happy reason) and Averil because her sister has finally lost her batttle with cancer (such a sad reason). There is no question that they both must go but I'm not sure if I can cope without them, that is how much I have lost my independence. Sadly, my mum and dad and brother are all out of the country till friday so it's not as if they can absorb some of the slack, What has helped go someway towards assuaging some of my terror has been the way that neighbours and local friends have rallied around to offer to cook me a meal here, spend an evening/night upstairs or help me struggle through my morning routine and Averil herself has arranged som sort of contingency when all she must want to do is grieve. This is going to be a tough week, I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

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Anonymous said...

I'm coming to see you and I am only ever a phone call away. Not a perfect solution i know, but hopefully it is a little reassuring. :)



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