9 Sep 2008

Post 71: Tiny Lily Dabbous and it being a 'small' world at University

While I'm on the subject of visits, I had a particularly special one recently that I neglected to mention. It was from some old Uni mates of mine, Lianne and Alex Dabbous, before they were married, I used to do tutorials with Alex and we got on well because we were equally workshy and used to swap stories about how we were always in trouble with the same politics tutor. I knew his then girlfriend Lianne because she had once been the girlfriend of my great friend Dom. It was a small world back then!
What was special about their visit was they brought their tiny, pinfully cute 1 week old daughter,Lily, I felt so honoured to meet the baby so young and you can probably tell from the picture how precious she is, during the visit Lianne and I were able to swop horror stories about hospitals because it sounded like giving birth in anNHS hospital was more traumatic than my 'Gamma-Knife' procedure.

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'Small world'. Nice wording :p



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