12 Sep 2008

Post 72: Friends take up the slack

Not for the first time I couldn't feel more grateful. Regular readers of this blog will remember that my housemates have had to both go away this week leaving me in my own company. In a previous life this would have been fine, now it seems to be a trial of my mental health. Luckily, several friends have been around to pick up the pieces, my friend Simon came to visit on Wednesday, my other friend Simon (from John Lewis) came to see me on Tuesday with another former colleague the flamboyant and charismatic promotions manager Dan 'Gok Wan' Cooper who I hadn't seen for ages and then last night my great uni friends Alex and Will and what touched me was they stayed and looked after me like 5* carers. As another couple of my friends that are married it showed me that a couple staying in the spare room is no problem. It was just nice to have a meal and chat to them before I have to slope off to bed early because of my omnipotent fatigue. It was just so reassuring to have other people in the house. Alex then helped me with my morning routine and breakfast, all midweek and when I most needed the help! Thank-you, and so kind of everyone, may I commend the guestroom to everyone.


dawesie said...

As ever a pleasure to see you Dom.
I will definitely tell Gok Cooper to come again! Take care and see you soon. Simon

Dom P said...

Please do! I hope Dan's ok with being compared to Gok Wan', but the style similarity is uncanny!

Anonymous said...

Indeed a pleasure. And now i know where your secret stash of Jaffa Cakes are.



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