13 Sep 2008

Post 73: Getting by alone

Well, I have just about survived this week on my own and the real hero has been my neighbour Tracey who has come in and checked on me, cooked evening meals for me and generally been about, not to mention all the people who came to see me (especially in the evenings when things can get a touch lonely.
One of my better choices was to get in touch with Natasha a few weeks ago. She has always had my best interests at heart and talking to her again was soothing. Since I was in the Royal Hospital she always maintained that I should have Massage therapy to try and loosen up the many muscles that have seized up due to messaging malfunction and inactivity over the last 2 and a half years so she found me one who for a reasonable amount (paid for generously by the trust) a chap called Ian now comes to visit me once a week, but the person who really deserves the credit is Natasha who even paid for the first two sessions., she really is an amazing friend. Ian may talk some occasional mumbo jumbo about how his magnetic massage accoutrements penetrate deeper into muscle tissue but his hands on approach to stretching my shoulder and neck is clearly helpful and he is a nice guy. I could have done with this sort of treatment over the last two years but getting the NHS to do anything different is like starting a sentence to an old gruff teacher 'with all due respect...'. It always gets you nowhere.
I guess my other 'big' news, well Natalie, my amazing physio would say so was that unaided I was able to get a glass to my lips and take a sip holding the glass in my left hand, even though I couldn't feel it ( I have no feeling in my left hand or left foot for that matter) and it was frustratingly slow and ungainly, about as far removed from any normal person taking a glass to their lips with the left hand. It is just like me to do down this achievement and just like Nat to talk it up, I could never do what she does,i.e. Be so lovely and upbeat in the face of such human suffering and misery. Often physio sessions cause me to cry uncontrollably about how hard I now find it to do the simplest of things. Natalie always picks up the pieces. It makes so much difference having a nice therapist.

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Anonymous said...

I'm with Natalie on this one, well done you!! I'm hoping the combination of Ian and her will really pay dividends to your movement. :)



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