22 Sep 2008

Post 75:Mocking the week and the Ryder cup

There have been some strange goings on in America lately that British satirists have latched onto and made me giggle, for starters John Mccain has selected Sarah Palin to be his running mate, a woman who he has met only once, as if this wasn't strange enough Mrs Palin is described in the tabloids as 'the thinking mans crumpet' or by Hugh Dennis on Mock the Week as 'the stupid mans doughnut'. There is something very worrying about the Republic Parties candidates which even more alarmingly have a 4% poll lead. Comic Reginald D Hunter said on Have I Got News For You recently (as a joke obviously) that McCains first action should he win is probably to 'withdraw troops from Iraq and invade Vietnam'. It gets worse, apparently Mrs Palin doesn't believe that climate change is man-made something even Dubya acknowledges. As MTW's Andy Parsons points out,'it's a sad state of affairs when you make Bush look like an informed progressive'. Palin meanwile has got a 17 year old daughter who has been knocked up by a bloke who has on his myspace page 'redneck and proud'., Frankie Boyle poinys out that'being a redneck and having a social networking website is ridiculous, redneck social networking is putting a couch on your front lawn', all this is genius and so much better for me than medical swallowable anti depressants.
While I'm having a rant against the US, we (Europe) lost the Ryder cup yesterday, now I was a little upset at this until a conversation with my mum revealed we may have lost on purpose to secure the long term future of the competition. What, eh, why? Because Americans aren't interested in stuff they lose at! Had we won yesterday it's entirely plausible that the Americans would cease to take the event seriously, Loding something five times running would surely be grounds for the Americans to say 'why put up millions in ad spend if no-one's going to watch it in the states. In the states no-one is interested in coming second. The most powerful nation on earth has the attitude and intelligence of a small child, run away, run away. America bashing aside, although I can still hear those nauseating chants of 'USA USA' or see US redneck player Bo Weekly chewing Tobacco. Enough ranting,it's making me angry (what a surprise). At this rate I could even take up smoking again which would be a disaster! What I really want to do is thank my amazing friends (Peter, Imogen, PJ,Vicky and Tony) for coming round yesterday evening, watching the golf and cooking the most sublime 'kentucky' 'southern style' BBQ. It was amazing and reminded me why I love good food and company and why losing weight will be impossible.


Imogen said...

Dom I like your theory that the Europeans lost on purpose. It would at least start to explain some of Faldo's behaviour!

Lovely to see you yesterday and glad you enjoyed the BBQ. Think that spicy beef might become a specialty... We'll do it again if we get any more nice weather.

Say hello to my favourite kitten!

Dom P said...

Always a pleasure to host stuff like that and spend time with you guys. I think people come round here to see pickle now. I can understand why.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's her sunny disposition? :p

Jake said...

That Sarah Palin really does make my skin crawl!

Here's an awesome song about Obama to help you forget about her:

becky s said...

While you're on the topic, here is a relatively accurate portrayal of Ms. Palin!

And, for your enjoyment, a classic Obama video from the primaries...

Shaun said...

Obama is now 8 points clear in the polls so don't give up hope yet!

That's until the inevitable 'terror' scare that'll no doubt be coming in October...



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