1 Oct 2008

Post 77: My Parents amazing rebuilt house

Its been a while since my last miserable post and I have a few subjects for this post which will hopefully be a bit more upbeat (that wouldn't be too hard).
Firstly, my parents have finally moved into their rebuilt house. They must be so relieved as it has been two years since it burnt down and they basically were left in the clothes they were standing in. They have spent the last two years living in allsorts of places – goodness knows how they have found time to visit their stricken son,but they have. A couple of heroes is what they are to have somehow navigated the last three years with their health and sanity intact. Now that they've finally moved in things don't appear to get easier because the latest crisis is that my sister is in hospital in America. Susan has always been the successful and tough one so my parents and the rest of us are understandably concerned. I hope she gets better quickly. That would make me almost as happy as I was to hear that my dad had said on his first morning in the new house said 'it's so nice to have my view back'. I can only imagine how chuffed he is.
The second thing I'm going to go on about is how chuffed I've been by some recent visitors. Firstly Nick and Sally Walmsley and their awesome son Oscar, the 'mini-Walm', They are great friends of mine from University. Sally was my first proper girlfriend at College and Nick was a mate,one of the cleverest in a university full of clever people. They are a lovely couple. They came to see me on sunday and cooked me an awesome BBQ. Later in the day Becky and Harry Morrison popped in. It's so good to see these two as two years ago they were told they couldn't have a baby. Becky is now expecting twins in November. The conclusion from this is so inspiring and shows me that medical experts aren't always to be trusted. An attitude that I've taken to experts telling me there's nothing they can do about my fatigue and more than that, the RHN physio who told me I was 'unlikely to ever walk again'.


Anonymous said...

'Unlikely to ever walk again' and didn't you do ten steps (mentioned a few posts ago)? All good (i think) you are moving in the right direction no matter how hard it may be and how you sometimes don't see it yourself/ :)

Dom P said...

I should have said 'walk independently'...

Anonymous said...

And what makes you think you won't?



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