8 Oct 2008

Post 78:Dieting is RUBBISH

I know it's been a while since my laast post but my battle with my weight got interesting this morning when my hitherto adorable physio, Natalie had a fairly serious go at me about my diet and more specifically about me asking people who visit me to bring me stuff. What I have usually asked people to bring is a vanilla smoothie and very rarely a turkey and emmental bagel. Apparently this is contraband of the highest order, she made it sound worse than crack and started using phrases like 'if you're really serious about walking again' blah blah. She even told me off for having too much dessert last sunday. As if my life isn't bad enough?! To put things in perspective I wonder how obese people walk again after stroke because I can't see how they could. I am pretty slim and lanky it just doesn't help being my height (6'3”) and having a stroke as awful as mine. It's another one of those situations when I don't feel lucky to be alive. Anyone reading this who's likely to visit me, an M&S salad is the order of the day. Woe is me or as Homer J Simpson said 'you don't win friends with Salad'.


Alice said...

Hope you told her about the grilled fish at the w/e, although maybe not the chips..... On the positive side, I'm feeling much better for the very healthy diet that I'm following at the mo, although I'm still being tempted.

Anonymous said...

I must be a veggie; that picture of a salad you have posted is making me hungry.



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