11 Oct 2008

Post 79: Out to lunch with old work friends

In the context of the previous post, you may think I would want to keep stum about just being taken out for lunch but I'm feeling quite virtuous about it. You may think that having fish and chips sounds bad but not when the fish is grilled eschewing the rather delicious(but sinful) beer batter. I even asked them to give me a small portion of chips with salad instead of the rest of the chips, it's hardly fish and chips anymore. I'm that scared of Natalie! It's not that she's scary, I just can't take another verbal battering. Physio is hard enough already without there being tension caused by my dietary indiscipline. I've said it before but it's so important to have a therapist that you like because I can't emphasise this enough, everything I do in Physiotherapy is physically and mentally horrific but to most normal people would represent little difficulty. I have had therapists that I don't like who have made me turn the air blue rather than do my therapy. You get the picture so I won't go on.
Anyway, I was taken to lunch by some former colleagues turned heroic friends, Simon Dawes (with family, awesome wife Yvonne and two mischevious children, almost 6 Joseph and slightly younger Isabel). They were joined by two people that Simon and myself used to manage, lovely couple Anna and Paul (I wonder how long it will be before they get married). I always take any opportunity I can to stitch up Paul ;-). Together they are brilliant as well as being a pair of comedians. They have both moved to pastures less green now ( JL people will see what I've done there) and Paul came out with an instant classic. After telling us that one of his new colleagues announced to him that she enjoyed watching skiing he unashamedly said'if that's the case then it's all downhill from there 'and that it's a slippery slope etc' Well I found it funny! These are the types of people and things that brighten my life these days.

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Anna Micallef said...

Hey there (this is my third attempt to leave a comment!).
It was good to see you and it made me realise how much I've missed seeing you since I've left JL. Unfortunately the weekday visits aren't so easy, however, the weekend ones are. I'll mail you tomorrow to try to arrange another.
Take care.



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