9 Nov 2008

Post 83: Natasha visits with her sister and 'miracle' nephew

This wouldn't be my blog if I didn't make time and space on it to thank those who keep me going/alive, namely those who give up their own precious time to come and see me. Let me star by thanking the very special Natasha, her sister Sally-Anne and Sally-Anne's 'miracle' two year old son Jack. He is indeed a miracle because when Sal found out she was pregnant, she was also diagnosed with some pre-cancerous cells in her ovaries. She was given a fairly stark choice. Abort the baby, forego any chance of having another one and hopefully get rid of the cancer or go full term, have the baby and hope the cancer doesn't take hold and spread. She bravely took the second option. Thank god she did because Jack is an amazing kid, energetic,smiley, curious, hilarious and he has inherited the family curly hair. Poor Taash went through hell for a few months. Having a boyfriend almost dying and a very close sister faced with that awful choice.
I don't think I'd seen Sal and Jack for some 6-8 months so Sal was able to say how much better I Looked. This cheered me up no end,and as for Jack he's a great kid. His talking has improved so much that you have to be so careful about what you say, this is a real challenge for me! It's just nice to see them really, I still hold a bright candle for Tash. She reminds me of how good my life once was. It breaks my heart that she is now with someone else, some city trader who doesn't sound like he deserves her, I wish I could come to terms with this. I always enjoy seeing them because we know exactly how to talk to each other.
From my favourite female conversation partner to my favourite bloke to talk to because the next day I was visited by the Betts family
. Ian Betts is the man in question. We used to try and make each other laugh after one too many by coming up with absurd mixed metaphors, like 'he's come up smelling of trunps' well, it was funny at the time! I challenge people to come up with good'uns! It is great to see how Ian has 'made it' since I first met him.. Not only has he been DJing at some huge events ( Dance Valley in Holland and Headlining the main room at the Ministry of Sound and producing great music, he has also been a great husband to Sharon,and father to 16 month old Olly and when he has found the time (somehow?) to be a good mate to me. Great stuff John Q Best ( My bizarre name that I sometimes and for some reason call him), I'm weird.
Moving on to the weekend just gone, yesterday (saturday) I was generously taken out for lunch by John and Caroline Jackson who have been friends of the family for years. As you can see from the picture (taken about 20 years ago) they have been friends of ours since I looked like a blond girl with questionable taste in rugby tops. Even more bizarrely Caroline is Dom's(the boy with the gap in his front teeth in the picture) mother. Dom and I have been friends for years and he has gone on to marry Alice (a great uni mate of mine.(whole story in post 69) . So anyway they took me out for another delicious lunch at the Bear (the local excellent gastropub) and they said some nice things about me looking better before we all tucked into gourmet fish and chips (to maintain my virtue I had the fish grilled along with a small portion of chips. Dieting is RUBBISH.
I should be on commission from the bear given the amount of trade I've generated for them. I bring this up because I've just got back from a lovely dubiously virtuous sunday roast courtesy of friends Stevie and wife Naomi and Gary and Jo who I described in the last post. Stevie was the promoter of a London Club night (knowwhere) that I occasionally used to play for (as did Ian) and they have remained firm friends. They have been visiting me since I was at 'kings when Stevie commented 'that I was in a much better state than he had feared' Since then I have always tried to pleasantly surprise people.
Speaking of Kings, my amazing physiotherapist Sam, got in touch through the wonder that is facebook the other day .. Not only did we catch up but she was able to give me the name of the manufacturer of a piece of equipment that I used back then which may help me walk again. I feel a bit lucky but that rarest of things, hopeful.

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