15 Nov 2008

Post 84: Mum's birthday

This missive is probably going to appear slightly rushed because my usual Sunday morning slot is taken up with traveling to my folks place for my mums birthday. Ever the good son I'm hoping what I plan to get her, yes, /i know this is leaving it late and how was I meant to know the local shops closed at 4, not 5? Had I known I would have cut short my visit to my old golf club, where I used to spend a lot of my weekend day-times, only now do I realise how good those rounds of golf were for me and my body. Walking 100 yards now is exhausting with a big metal frame taking a lot of the weight of my upper body. How things have changed. I used to be acle to play off 2, now I'll probably never play again,it feels like such a waste. The reason I was there was because a kindly old Uni friend (James Renshaw) was running an under 35s competition, he had the brainwave of making a proportion of each entry fee a donation to the trust and guess what? They raised over £400! James was originally apologetic that it wasn't more, I told him I was chuffed to bits because£400 goes towards vital Physiotherapy that I badly need if I'm ever to achieve my dream of walking again. Without physio or if matters were left to the NHS community team it would remain just that, a dream. It was also nice to catch up with one or two old friends who had heard about what has happened but haven't had a chance to shake my hand or look me in the eye. It was a nice chance to reminisce, swop stories and remark about how small the world was. It turned out the boss of the golf club used to be headmaster of a Zimbabwean school and knew my old tutor from college because my old tutor had once recruited a Rhodes scholar from his school. This actual guy had been at my college and was actually my rowing coach in the first year. Weird. From my old weekend daytime habits to my nocturnal ones. A Dance Music website I used to frequent, off which I met some of my closest friends have decided to put on a Christmas party with all money raised going to the trust. What makes me feel privileged and humbled is that their decision to choose the trust to support was the result of open discussion on the sites forums, an impossible place to decide anything at the best of times!
And finally hats off to Ben Green, a man who I got to know through said website. He came to see me last week brandishing a cheque for over £500 that he had raised doing a sposnored 10k. These may be dreadful, depressing dark times, but there are occasional chinks of light.


Anonymous said...

How's your folks place now, it is pretty much finished now?

Dom P said...

Yup - it's amazing actually and it's nice to see my folks happy again.



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