27 Nov 2008

Post 86 - Seeing Dylan Moran

On Monday this week I got to go and see yet more stand up comedy which helps because the anti-depressant I'm on ( Citalopram for those that care) is rubbish and makes no difference. If it does I shudder to think what state I'm actually in mentally, dear God! Anyway the comedian in question was Dylan Moran, an Irishman with a totally different style from anyone else I've seen, with other comedians you feel that they've got prepared material that they deliver off the cuff, with Moran although he must have prepared material he delivers it as though it's all off the top of his head like a pint-holding pub philosopher or a smoking shedded social commentator. As someone who probably couldn't pick him out of a line-up beforehand, I think I'd struggle even now although I can imagine him as a young Peter O'Toole which I think is a compliment, it's just that I can imagime O'Toole ranting in the same way after a few, ah, thr charm and hilarity of the Irish drunk! I thought he was quite brilliant and like the best comics he's clearly a genius. Comedians are clearly the cleverest people, more so than rocket scientists and certainly brain surgeons who seem to know bugger all. I feel privileged to have seen so much intelligence (and occasional beautiful girls) during my convalescence. Both make me think it's worth coming out of the other side of this nightmare. Lastly and importantly it remains for me to thank my driver/carer for the evening thoroughly nice man and budding superstar DJ/Progressive house music producer and loyal friend Tim Davison. Cheers Mate!


Mernie said...

"The charm and hilarity of the Irish drunk" Hear hear! xx

Anonymous said...

Women aren't funny remember Mernie :p

Mernie said...

I'm funny when I'm drunk. Not annoying at all. Not ever. Ask Alasdair...



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