30 Nov 2008

Post 87: Monkey and speech software

I tried earlier to write part of this post using speech recognition software but sadly I have reverted to the keyboard and am using my precious right index finger again. I will persevere, just not now. Surely it is quicker and less effort to use your voice – you'd think so wouldn't you? Sadly a lot of things you would think don't appear to be true if you have a serious brain injury. Dictating into the computer is utterly exhausting because you have to hold your body and head up and what seems to be most exhausting of all annunciate everything as clearly as you can. This appears to make typing with one finger the obvious choice! Another illusion about how to deal with the future, shattered! This is not to mention the numerous mistakes the software makes trying to interpret what I just said. Often I would stare in disbelief at what the software would come up with! And this is good software and my PC is pretty good too. I don't know what I was thinking almost nine years ago when I foolishly bought some rudimentary voice recognition software to run on my 'state of the art' laptop at university, in terms of todays computing power it was like a computer driven by a hamster and wheel. In truth I thought I was being clever, hoping to 'steal a march' on my fellow finalists by dictating my finals notes into my computer. Foolish, I suppose I'll chalk that particular error down to youthful exuberance. Wrong. I was just being a twat!
Back then, the software must have been right less than 5% of the time. I might as well have bought a monkey with a typewriter.
The other massive problem with my more modern software is that dictating versus typing completely changes the style of the ultimate output, something to do with how fast my brain communicates what's coming next to the method of word processing which is odd because I never believed I had a stylistic problem when I could type fast with both hands, that's enough for now, it's late (by my pathetic standards) and if I'm not to have a ruinous start to the week I'd best hit the sack and finish this tomorrow.
Hello again, the reason why I didn't manage to get a full post in yesterday is because a good friend of mine, Mrs Sharon Betts, the inimatable Ian Betts' lovely wife (that's her holding the baby in the picture in post83) – (not the girl with the curly hair, that's Tash!) took me to the Dome to go and see (at her suggestion) contemporary Opera/Ballet Monkey: Journey to the west.
It was an interesting spectacle with the first question that popped into my mind being 'what was Damon Albarn smoking when he wrote this?' It was certainly a feast for the senses, the problem being that mine don't work very well anymore,in particular my eyesight which was seriously challenged by the subtitles that were projected onto a screen off to the right which doubly did for me! Trying to turn my head between the subtitles and the stage proved almost impossible whilst my attempts to read them bore little fruit so every so often Sharon would try and valiantly update me on the plot but me with my newfound 'attention span of a Goldfish' I followed it about as well as your average David Lynch film, all this said I would still recommend it to able bodied people because it is visually and aurally impressive, and it was still a good suggestion from Mrs Betts as I'm an openminded soul. Getting to the O2 is also a doddle and parking is dead easy. This is a good example of my offer for people who are willing to drive my van and endure my company suggesting an event and me getting tickets and it being my treat. This is my 'rent a cripple' service in action. Other events that I've actually just gone and got tickets for on the off-chance that people will offer to drive. Specifically on December 8th (monday) at the O2 I've got tickets to see Steve Coogan (starting at 1830). Any takers? I've got volunteers for the mighty boosh , New Kis on the Block, Coldplay and a couple of others but I tend to send out my 'cries for help to those who have joined the Dom Pardey Trust Group on facebook and we're putting on xmas drinks this Thursday, if you don't know about them but want to then contact me by email or whichever way is best for you This actually links in nicely to another topic. Last Thursday the community psychology assistant came to see me. Luckily he's a nice bloke otherwise I probably would have ordered him out of my house. He has been trying the cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approach on me to improve my rock-bottom mood,he said (without a trace of irony) that CBT would suggest going to more shows and seeing more visitors to improve my mood, Brilliant, why hadn't I thought of that?! Life goes drearily on and being disabled remains crap!


Anonymous said...

You got it 'working' then. I'd say keep trying with it as the more you use it, the better it learns, or at least that's how I would think it would/should work.

Dom P said...

Indeed, I think you might have been using the wrong jack. There were also some idiosyncracies with the software but the biggest problem is my brain thinks differently when I speak and not in a good way (you probably already know that!)

Anonymous said...

Can i also point out an error in your post? It is not a 'rent a cripple' as the driver isn't paying for you. You are paying for the driver, so is in fact a 'Rent a driver' scheme. So NER!

Dom P said...

I won't dignify that with a response until I next see you. God, how you must be shaking!

Shaun said...

Looking forward to perving over Britney with you in June! ha ha

Tickets are on sale tomorrow AM - I presume you phone to book disabled seats?

Dom P said...

That's it - going to see Britney means that what little musical integrity we had is gone. C.A.R.E.



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