21 Dec 2008

Post 91: The Dugdale bros and the mighty Boosh

Stop the press! A blog post on time,eh?Come again etc, etc, I can actually sit in front of my computer and write this for a change and I've already had a visit from my best mate Tony (pic in post 88) this morning! So this Sunday feels on track. Later today some mates of mine (Will and his brother Chris Dugdale are going to take me to see something (as yet undecided) at the cinema. Now Chris is one of the top close-up magicians in the country and has agreed to bring some magic, ostensibly for my neighbours six year old son Dylan (but I'll enjoy it too, as it's brilliant) which I thought he'd enjoy despite the fact he drives me nuts with the fact he is unable to do anything at a walking pace or not demand attention for anything he's doing. I'm sure I was probably the same at his age but over the last three years what was already a short fuse has well.... not exactly increased in length. I'll report back next week, but I have seen his magic a couple of times before and it is amazing! By standards it's been a busy weekend, yesterday I was taken out for lunch at the Bear (where else) by mates I met through DJing Shaun and his lovely wife Renae and my great mate Simon (See Post88 for their pictures incl a rather stupid one of Simon in a fake moustache). Simon and Shaun were partners in crime running a great event called becomeone that I played for a couple of times, happy days. Since my stroke they have been awesome, putting on two totally rammed fundraisers for the trust,yesterday they refused to let me pay,what great friends they have all been, and how could I forget 'bad influence Mernie
, who I understandably haven't seen much since she had a baby. She has calmed down a lot from the days when one bottle of wine would become two and midnight in front of a film would become 2am in the local bar, I'm probably just as much to blame but, happy days – no good lunch out would be complete without me lamenting the fun I used to have with this lot and can never have again.
Moving on, instead of being able to go out and do what I want with my friends, I now have to meticuosly plan to go to events with people who don't mind the (dis)pleasure of my company for an evening or mind loading my chair into my specially adapted van, I now go to events.
For example, the last event I went to was 'the mighty Boosh' at the O2 Arena (the former Dome) by my good mate and talented DJ Oli Cassidy. Luckily Oli is a big Boosh fan and so could appreciate the surreal humour of Boosh. I reckon if you'd never seen it you wouldn't understand what the hell was going on.Wierd and Bonkers as it was, I still enjoyed it more than Steve Coogan the week before that my old Uni mate Karen had taken me to see at the O2. OK, it was an enjoyable night because national treasure Alan Partridge was brilliant and Karen is a honey (bottom of post 88), but Coogans other characters in the first half were rubbish. His 'mea Culpa' song to the tune of 'its beginning to look a lot like christmas' at the end about rumours in his private life 'everbody's a bit of a c**t sometimes' was very funny and showed (to me at least) that his ego hadn't spiralled out of control.
Finally, in terms of my physio, I tried out that walking harness/gantry (pic at the end of post 83) and a treadmill that the NHS community physio had neglected to mention that they had until last week. When I had first thought about it, it had become my 'great white hope' for helping me to walk again. After having a go on it, it is no longer my 'great white hope'. Call me a dour, negative bastard but it was such hard work! I'm fed up with things that were once easy being so hard and concomitantly having to work so much harder than everyone else. Merry Bloody christmas.

Apologies to those who may have seen this before but this is what I sent to the whole trust membershp.

Well,well,well or should I say Ho, ho, ho or what I'm most likely to say which is 'bah,humbug'.I have decidedly mixed feelings about Christmas because Christmas day marks the anniversary of having my stroke, it will be three years this year and I would be lying if I said I was pleased with where life has left me. In truth I find things very difficult and often (always) wish this had never happened to me. Practically the only thing that has kept life worth living is my friends and family and this support is brought together through the trust. Sure, donations have done a lot to improve my quality of life and improve any recovery I make but more than that, it has provided a rallying point for all sorts of people who want to show their support. This has really helped me drag my mood up, often from the depths of utter despair.
Well, I hope this message hasn't spread too much darkness in what is supposed to be the season for being jolly. For what it's worth,Merry Christmas and a happy new year and sincerest thanks to you all!
Dom (and the trustees)


Mernie said...

"Bad influence Mernie"!! I would be outraged on my own behalf but frankly, it's a pretty fair comment. Mind you, you were never hard to persuade...

Was great to see you on Saturday :o) xx

Dom P said...

Great to see you too, send my best to the 'boys'. Some people reading this will know exactly what I'm talking about! In fact what time did Shaun and co end up leaving yours on saturday? Happy Days Mern!



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