29 Jan 2009

Post101:Seeing the Pussycat Dolls at the Dome

I've got a couple of things I want to write about today and although it probably makes more sense to write about the thing on Monday, I'm going to defy theory and write about the thing freshest in my head – namely, that I went to see the Pussycat Dolls at the Dome last night.
First thanks must go to my brother who heroically stepped in at the last minute to take me after my original driver had to work. Going to a gig like this really isn't his thing at all and to his credit approached it with a very open mind (by Pardey standards!). Take it from me, we're pretty poor at trying new stuff! I felt very safe in Chris' hands because he's very practical and knows exactly what he's doing,eg when the lights went down and it was clear I was struggling with the food I was trying to eat, he fed me the rest without me even asking. Now, aside from that were the' Dolls any good? I think it would be fair to say they were 'ecking brilliant! I did feel slightly out of place by not being able to stand up but more because I wasn't a screaming teenage girl trying to look like a 25 year old dolled up to the nines in 'Uniform' which appeared to be (not that I was looking): Strappy black or white top with black bra (probably of the wonder variety), short black skirt,opaque black tights or leggings and very high heeled boots, quite who they were dressing up for we'll never know!
The Pussycat Dolls are 5/6 spectacular looking American girls, making me ashamed to be British, I have no idea how or why the Spice Girls even bothered or how they were ever successful, such vile, talentless borderline relative mooses they were and still are. It is damning indictment of the aesthetical and musical tastes of anyone who ever liked or a demonstration of how humans can't be trusted when you introduce alcohol.
The Dolls certainly brought a lot of production with them as well, the stage , lights and indoor pyrotechnics were amazing and that doesn't even begin to describe the sound. I love the noise produced by big sound systems, by some cruel irony I'll probably be deaf in ten years, my love of big sound is probably one of the main reasons why I used to DJ and go to clubs a lot.The PCDs manage to avoid that rubbish self indulgent crap RnB sound peddled by the likes of Rhiana that seems to attract that sort of Diva-ish, WAG, Charlie from Big Brother materialism that I hate, instead,it is heavy, Housey,Poppy and Sexy and as a deep cynic of 'girl power' music I have to admit I rather liked it, a lot to do with how great it sounded on a big system. The Dolls have taken 'girl power' to the next level and they call it 'girl domination'. The amount of leather and rubber they wear suggests to me they are taking this too literally! I only wish I'd remembered my camera last night so I could have showed you what I mean. All in all, another great night out, that I just about managed to stay awake for.
Importantly, the Chav count was a lot lower, probably because it wasn't a Saturday. No crassness to report!

25 Jan 2009

Post 100: Seeing New Kids on the Block and some un PC thoughts on Chavs

My hearing is slightly buzzing this morning after I went to see New Kids on the Block at the Dome last night. I was slightly worried beforehand because I didn't really know much of their repertoire and to be perfectly straight with you, I'm not gay (see what I did there! Sigh) so it might have been miles from my tastes. Actually, it was brilliant and I really rather enjoyed myself despite being knackered and unable to dance. My jungle guides for the evening were the beautiful Alex J and her significant other Steve, I would bet the farm on them getting engaged this year. I hope I haven't jinxed it! They really are great together and their comedy sniping at each other in the car makes them sound married already. I've known Alex since she was the 'door whore' at a friends clubnight over 10 years ago. Bizarelly we were at Oxford at the same time but never knew it. We have always been friends and once (many years ago) a little more but since my stroke her and Steve have been brilliant, frequently visiting me and taking me to the excellent Farnborough Airshow this summer. Alex volunteered for this because some 18ish years ago she had been a massive 'New Kids' fan or should that be a 'Blockette'? So she knew all the songs and if that wasn't embarrassing enough, most of the words. Now, The dome is a great venue, I'm so glad they've made something good of it,I'd only ever been to stage/stand-up shows there so wasn't too sure how the place would figure as a live music venue? I needn't have worried, I've always been a bit wary of seated arena's for producing the right atmosphere for live music because standing crowds have traditionally produced the goods at Wembley and countless festivals/stadiums the world over but for some reason it just works in the Dome Arena. The sound and production were difficult to fault although I did allow myself a little chuckle at how 80s everything sounded and looked like once the 'New Kids' had started, the riffs, the drum machine sounds, the lights on the stage with the obligatory 'boyband' central staircase, the 1000s of screaming girls and the cacophany they created. OK, so I was too young to have ever experienced an 80s atmosphere first hand but I can imagine it and I could imagine this ticking all the boxes. As much as I loved it when the'New Kids' were underway, I hated the support act that played first in equal measure. Some wannabee RnB/Hip Hop Diva called 'Chantelle' who was obviously desperate to be the dreadful 'Rhiana' I think RnB/HipHop emphasizes a lot of what is wrong with people, i.e. money being king, materialism/possessions being everything and it sounds so crap too, at one stage Chantelle was trying to warble/mime her new single while an MC who thought he was Busta Rhymes would shout 'yo,yo,yo is everybody in the house here too party?' blah blah etc. etc. I don't understand behavior like this,he obviously fancied himself as some sort of Gangsta! Indeed, he made me feel a bit like one because I wanted to shoot him!Thankfully she and him were soon off and the 'New kids' blend of 80s boyband ballads was soon making everyone happy as opposed to inciting murder. I have however got one insoluble criticism of the Dome, because it's in the East End, it's clearly very easy for the .burberry Army of Essex and the Worst of Kent (Gravesend, Margate, Maidstone, Bromley etc) not to mention some of the worst scum of the East End, I know I should be more tolerant but the more we shy away from saying it, the bigger this contingent will get. They need to be ashamed of who they are to get rid of them. Instead they seem to wear their Burberry with pride and an Asbo is a badge of honour whilst an achievement seems to be to get their children to wear earings before their first birthdays. Shame on them. I know this isn't very PC but 'am I bovvered?'
The reason I am so incandescent about this is that this is the 2nd time that the dome has been the scene of chav crass stupidity in their attitude to disability. The first time when I went to see Chris Rock Tanya had an altercation with a group of chav women who despite the full functioning of their legs refused to go down the escalator when the clearly marked 'disabled only' lifts were too full for my wheelchair and carer(s) to fit in. This happened again on saturday. The incident that really makes me angry though is when I was using the disabled loo. All I could hear from outside the foor was some horrific female hi-pitch voice saying 'what's he doing in there?' and 'can't he hurry up?', when I had finished said chavette said something sar castic like 'why don't you take a bit longa luv?' shen proceeded to go in front of an old lady with a walking stick with the immortal words ' d'you mind waiting a sec luv, I've been waiting here ages and I'm busting for a wee'. Sometimes hate isn't a strong enough word and hangings to good for some people. Scum.
Just to put it in some perspective could you imagine if a man went into a ladies loo and started mouthing off about wanting the lady in a cubicle to 'hurry up'. It just wouldn't happen.

22 Jan 2009

Post 99: Thoughts on Barack-mania

I have been able to do little else this week but think about how impressed I was by Barack Obama at his inauguration. So impressed was I, that I downloaded his book 'The audacity of hope' and listened to it because I have discovered a fantastic website called which lets you download audiobooks for a reasonable price, having listened to it I thought it could be renamed 'why can't we all just get along' because it is one of those books that points out everything would be just fine if everyone stopped disagreeing about things, hardly rocket science. The refreshing thing about it is that here is quite a talented and articulate man, combined with his obvious gifts of great oratory and presence it just feels nice to have a leader of the free world that you don't have to coax down from a tyre anymore. More than that it is a re-affirmation that the greatest democracy in the world is a democracy once more. Based on what US satirist Jimmy Tingle said on Bush, it just feels better to have someone who is intellectually up to the job or who wasn't shoehorned into the top job seemingly through legal rather than through democratic means, or who was deemed suitable by the Republican Party seemingly because he had a lot of business connections and because his father used to be the president, under these circumstances no wonder the value of US democracy was being called into question?!
Very little has captured my imagination in the last three years, especially in politics despite the fact that I did politics at University, more than Obama's inauguration address, unfortunately since college apathy about the subject has slightly set in, and I couldn't understand the prolonged hystrionics of a lot of people when Obama won the election. I understand a little better now why politics is so important to some people. Let me explain. My housemate/evening/weekend carer is a white Zimbabwean lady, as is my neighbor/morning carer. They're both in this country because for all intents and purposes it's impossible to live in that country because people live in a climate of fear and poverty: especially those with worthless pensions or savings, could you imagine your life savings being worth less than a loaf of bread? That's what it's like and all caused by a political leader I can call a bastard at best.
All the hype might be Obama's undoing, simply because people seem to think he's the Messiah. Well he's certainly not a very naughty boy but the wheels of politics turn about as slowly as stroke recovery, and it will be a long time before anything he does makes a jot of difference to anything or anyone. For starters trying to sort out the bloody credit crunch is not going to be a walk in the park. I thought I'd try and refamiliarise myself with greed/unpleasantness that characterises the culture of Wall Street. by downloading and listening to a book I had read as a graduate trainee when I worked as a stockbroker, a decade ago, 'Liars Poker' by Michael Lewis, it is the story of how a wide eyed, educated and articulate guy gets to grips with the bond traders at investment bank Salomon Brothers (now part of Citigroup, the worlds largest (and therefore most evil) US bank I think) What it re-iterated to me was that as long as the intellectual elites are motivated by money and getting paid as much as possible in their next bonus they'll always do what is best for number one rather than this abstract and undefined concept 'the greater good'. As someone who relies on the 'inate goodness' of people to survive this culture saddens me a little and makes me believe our leaders (no matter how Messianic) have an uphill struggle.

19 Jan 2009

Post 98: The Morrisons twins and Jimmy Carr

Right, it's Monday and I'm blogging so I must have something to talk about, which obviously makes a change! As I wrote yesterday, I was looking forward to seeing the Morrisons, Becky and Harry and their two recent additions, twins Freya and Jasmine, my mum being my mum and the fact that she loves babies and makes a special effort to send babyclothes to all my friends when they procreate, she had heard the twins were visiting and was over like a shot. Sadly she can't drive at the moment because she fractured her leg skiing after Christmas. You couldn't make our family's misfortunes up! So there was a right rabble over here yesterday afternoon. My house isn't small but it felt it yesterday afternoon especially when er, 'larger gentlemen' Nick and Andy (I could have been a lot less generous) turned up to take me to see Comedian Jimmy Carr at the Hammersmith Apollo

. Andy had managed to source the tickets from Mr Carr himself because they were at college together so I ought to be a bit more polite about Mr Carr than I'm about to be. Whenever I've mentioned him in this blog I've always called him a 'smug bastard', that's exactly what he is! I have no doubt he's a very clever, sharp man, sadly, he knows he is so most of his act seems to centre on the fact that he's much smarter than everyone else so rather than always go over people's heads,he plumbs the depths at various points to try and broaden the appeal, otherwise he's doing his staccato one liner very clever but smug 'joke technician' bit where he use phrases or words and uses their dual or literal meaning to create the punchline for example 'does anyone find schizophrenics a bit two faced?' He peppers most of what he says with foul language, now I'm not going to attack the use of swearing, that would be grossly hypocritical because my own language is sh*t, I don't know why in stand-up I don't seem to appreciate it, I think it's because I agree with the master Bill Bailey that swearing suffers from diminishing returns or my own personal opinion that swearing shows you've got something wrong with your thought process which is clearly why my language has got worse since my stroke!
Carr also likes to mine the lower vestiges of filth by giving matter of fact 'sex advice' to the audience while sitting on one of his prop couches on stage, he (like Frankie Boyle) revels in his capacity to shock people by going just a bit too far, I don't offend easily but even I was shocked by one particular joke about the Holocaust, Carr going on to explain why it was so unpleasant didn't mollify me, I just thought there are some things better left unsaid. Overall, he's clearly a clever guy who's possessed of a dark, dirty sense of humour but he's a bit too pleased with himself, the content doesn't have the genius and talent of Bill Bailey, the social commentary and charm of Dylan Moran, the observation of Michael Macintyre, the gut wrenching hilarity of Frankie Boyle or Chris Rock, the righteous indignation and timing of Sean Lock, he's pretty good but he's still a 'smug bastard'!

18 Jan 2009

Post97:Trying to come to terms with this

I am a tad grumpy today because on a day when I'd normally get a lie-in I've been forced to get up at 6:45 because Averil, my housemate/evening/weekend carer has been asked to work(at her real job) today. So here I am in front of the bloody computer , feeling terrible (as usual) on another grey rainy, cold morning. The only reason I would have got up this early on a Sunday in my old life would have been to go and play golf, at least back then getting up early on a Sunday was my choice, now, more often than not, it's out of my control. I need to wave goodbye to thinking I've got it all worked out, as I naively used to think I had. Instead as inspirational stroke survivor Jill Bolte-Taylor said (look her up on the internet, you won't regret it), 'I am no longer the choreographer of my own life', I have to be able to accept this and move on. It is for this reason why the incredible Vicki comes to talk to me every week and why she has off her own back found me a counselor who is himself a stroke survivor whose specialty (it appears) is to help stroke victims come to terms with living like this
. In three years I haven't been able to do this, I am so hopeful this will feel like a new start, a bit like that feeling you get when you quit a job but you've got another one to go to, there are few finer feelings bar one I can think of.
Today holds some excitement because of a couple of reasons, firstly Becky and Harry Morrison are coming round for lunch and bringing their new twins. In the last three years I have met all sorts of babies and without exception they have all been delightful despite my neighbors 6 yr old son
doing his best to put me off ever having children (in my current state chance'd be a fine thing!) I'm thinking my best chance may be to give an, ahem, 'donation' at the local spermbank. I have horrid images of potential mothers being a bit like Patty or Selma from the Simpsons, now there's an image that'd put you off your er,stride.
The other reason I have for being excited is I'm getting yet more feathers in my stand up comedy cap this evening when friend and losing finalist in the UK competitive eating (seriously) Andy 'the Doctor' Kocen

is taking me to see 'smug bastard' Jimmy Carr
at the Apollo. He should be excellent. Seeing as I seem to have seen most stand up comedians I had the idea of emailing the HR team at a well known publication asking for some unpaid work as a reviewer, here's what I wrote:
To whom it may concern
This is probably going to be one of the most unorthodox requests
you've ever seen so here goes. I'm a 31 year old wheelchair dependent
stroke survivor currently living virtually alone but with visits from
carers looking for something to do with my life. Between bouts of
therapy I write a blog (link below) and try and fight off loneliness,
boredom, fatigue and depression which I can tell you are the prevalent
characteristics of post stroke convalescence. I'll be honest. Life is
pretty hard . Unfortunately, my CV is woefully out of date but I am
educated with 11 GCSE's at A grade, 3As and a B at A level and a 2:1 in
PPE from Oxford, before my stroke I was in buying in Head Office at
John Lewis. I am looking to write (one-fingered unfortunately) outside
of my blog but from home to try and get some direction in my life and
thought your publication might be a good starting point, prove me
I hope that doesn't make me sound like too much of a twat and that it's at least pitched at vaguely the right level, sadly there were one or two typos which probably didn't help but I'll hopefully be able to chalk that down to woeful eyesight,OK anyone who's managed to read this far, have a nice day

15 Jan 2009

Post 96 - More Comedy (Sean Lock and others at the free fringe benefit

I would love to have the coordination to write so that I can take notes at some of the things I go to, this would have been particularly useful when I went to the Free Fringe Benefit Comedy gig at the Bloomsbury theater the other night (Tuesday I think). It would have come in useful so I could at least sing the praises of the good comedians whose names I can't remember and mercilessly savage the bad ones. For starters the compere got better and better. Apparently his name was Daniel Kitson. When he started I thought he was a shambling joke, bearded, bespectacled and with an obvious stutter, my initial thought was 'who is this fool'? OK some slight pot, kettle there but he got funnier and funnier and his insistence that 'we tear the c*ck off the evening' and 'f*ck the roof' was probably metaphorically achieved (at least in places). The evening started well with the impossibly cute, adorable and down to earth Lucy Porter who I hadn't known was performing, so that was a pleasant surprise. She, rather adorably took the audience through a Thai Phrasebook she had happened on at Bangkok airport. Apparently, it had looked fairly innocent when she bought it but on closer inspection it was clearly aimed at the 'sex tourist' with charming chapters titled 'in the bedroom' and Phrases like 'how old are you?' Nice. The rest of the first half was a bit hit and miss, the highs being the compere (who probably stole the show) and the last guy on before the interval, I think he was called Milton Jones, see what I mean by needing to take notes? The lows were provided by a guy in surfer gear who sang a painfully unfunny song 'Me And You, A Monkey, A Teddy, A Deaf Kid And A Shoe' done in the style of a shaking mental patient, there was worse still, a guy with a pink mohican talked at length about his time in the Chippenham skinheads, learning to wrestle and his fondness for collecting my little ponies, clearly he was hoping the west country accent could carry his frankly odd material, now I do find the west country accent funny but not that funny. I thought at this stage that to become a comedian you have to be supremely self-confident to make the decision to become a comedian and afterwards remain supremely confident in your ability and material to keep making people laugh. I had no idea what this guy was playing at, he must have been delusional because even with my self confidence at zero and my voice too weak too project and with no alcohol to blind me of the utter suicide of doing it, I considered heckling, something you don't ever do because it never ends well, especially when all the cards are stacked against you, a rubbish skinhead professional comedian versus weak voiced wheelchair bound stroke survivor. Luckily I came to my senses and said nothing and saved myself ruining the evening for myself and my friends! You could sense this throughout the audiece, people looking puzzledly at each other thinking 'is the compere supposed to be funnier than the acts? When are the headliners (Sean Lock, Robin Ince and Dave Gorman) coming on?!The answer was that they were coming on last (probably not a surprise), third to last was Dave Gorman who I'd heard of but wouldn't know if I bumped into in the street. He parsonified the Hackney trendy, fashionable Jeans and t-shirt and trainers, slight build with designer stubble (probably a vegan on moral grounds), short hair and mining the rich seam of comedy that is London hosting the olympics in2012, I'll bet stand up comics can scarcely believe their luck, something as easy to take the piss out of as George W Bush in the White House! His joke about his suggestion for the opening ceremony was genius! Robin Ince continued as the penultimate act,having a sly dig at the comperes time keeping. Kitsons response was to wander onstage in the background as Ince started. Ince couldn't for the life of him work out why the audience was laughing at odd moments. He was brilliant though, carefully deconstructing and comically demolishing US foreign policy while rubbishing Dubya. Safe ground but well delivered.
Sean Lock was on last and of course brilliant despite me rather twatishly not liking his shoes. His style is that of tall disgruntled man in the pub, it will be many years before I forget his joke about how to stop a dog humping your leg! He didn't disappoint and gave the audience what they had paid to see. I, personally was left a bit cold by the format, probably as I'm more used to seeing live comics have 1hr+, not just 10mins but I would have still enjoyed myself if it had been a read-through of a Jane Austen Novel because I got out of the house and got to spend time with my friends, the Dugdale brothers, Chris who drove and Will (post91), the incomparable Vicki (Bottom ofPost81), Simon W (Post88),Simon D(Post88) Tony(Post88) and Gary and Jo(Post88). I could smile again. I can't wait to see Stephen K Amos in Farnham on March 6th but I'm being taken to see Jimmy Carr on Sunday by friend Andy Kocen, which should be great.

11 Jan 2009

Post 95: Quidam: Cirque de Soleil

Since my stroke I have not been the best appreciator of human athletic achievements, because it is hard to appreciate someone flick-flacking 100 yards when you can't even independently stand up! I am especially unnappreciative when it comes to watching sport, for starters my eyesight and stamina are too poor to follow a ball and particularly with football, the lack of goals and my dislike for footballers have put me off the game. In the words (ish) of hero of mine Bill Bailey, footballers are a bunch of 'half witted, overpaid borderline rapists whose job it is is to shepherd a piece of leather into an oversized outdoor cupboard'. My opinion (not of footballers) but of human athletic endeavor was changed slightly last night when I went to see Quidam:Cirque du Soleilat the Albert Hall which as a venue I rather like, unlike Phil Jupittus who described it as a 'sh*thole and 'rather like doing a gig round your Nan's house because of all the velvet ropes stopping you from going where you want', he then went on to say that he had been booed off there some months previously', so therein lies your answer. I admit, as a venue it's a little twee but going to see musical things there the acoustics cannot be rivaled and I can't fault the disabled facilities which are great for an old building. Sadly, I have no pictures because all photography at CdS is forbidden for two reasons, one rubbish one and one good one.
1.The set is copyrighted
2.Apparently the flash of a camera once affected the concentration of one of the performers who fell and ended up paralyzed.
Judge for yourself which one is rubbish! How to describe the actual performance? Well, I didn't really know what to expect? First things first, my eyesight and stamina badly let me down (yet again). From my space at the back of the stalls, even though the Albert Hall isn't massive I found it pretty tough to specifically pick out a lot of the action on the round stage in the middle and of the death defying trapeze acrobatics suspended from a metal gantry that looked a bit like the roof of that bizarre new bus station in Vauxhall. The soundtrack was excellent though, ok, my appreciation of things aural is greater than things visual, especially as sound in the Albert Hall is so great. At this point it became hard not to draw comparisons to Momix ( described in post 80 as 'weird', how articulate of me!) After some discussion with my driver/carer/hero for the evening Dom Icely (probably the friend I've known the longest, described variously in posts 69, 83 and 88) we settled on Performance Art. Now this is rather a catch all term to describe anything difficult to describe, so rather wankily I think I'm going to have a go, it was contemporary dance with elements of rhythmical gymnastics and acrobatics set to an epic musical score with Chinese and Arabian influences but never stepping away from the kind of Parisian street theatre and performance art you'd find around Montparnasse. Not exactly a short description but I reckon it would be hard to argue with.
Now it's time to lower the tone, there were a couple of occasions that did catch my eye when beautiful scantilly clad female contortionists did some incredible feats of strength and control, somewhere in the dark recesses of my weary one tracked mind I thought, 'those are some useful skills, wow'.
I'm not surprised CdS is one of the top things to take a girl too for a date. It is visually amazing to see what the human body is capable of doing, something I need plenty of reminding of.
While I'm here I want to congratulate my great friends Vicky and PJ Denning (mentioned variously throughout but particularly in post 81)on the birth of their first child, a girl called Jemima born yesterday I think. This is the sort of news that really cheers me up and makes me proud of my friends. I hope one day it'll be me.

4 Jan 2009

Post 94: The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2008

So it's the first sunday of 2009 so I've got blogging to do, as per the last post, happy new year etc.. I'm sorry if it appears that I've been airing some dirty laundry in the last couple of posts but it's something very important to me and please understand this is very much a last resort. I have been told in the past I can be impulsive and that can be troublesome, as the TLU occupational therapist often told me (usually when they were picking me up off the floor, somewhere I visited frequently and by some miracle never hurt myself seriously), christmas and New Year have been a bit lousy this year, I have tried to force a smile but as I said in my last post, what's to enjoy about something you can't physically enjoy especially when you feel too tired to eat, talk, or even watch TV. I ask you, what does Christmas have left?
So tomorrow I start my new (self-imposed physio regime. I will miss Natalie but I need to practice walking more regularly than I was and I need it to put less strain on me , and crucially, my Dad. No more journeys on wednesday or Friday to Putney instead three sessions of walking in the village hall per week with this local guy Ian, I hope it makes a difference.
I've got a few good events to go to this month starting with Cirque de Soleil at the Albert Hall on Saturday, I haven't got tickets for it yet but I plan to go and see comedian Sean Lock on the 13th, followed by 'smug bastard' comedian Jimmy Carr on the 18th, speaking of which,they were both on the 'Big Fat Quiz of the Year' which if you haven't seen can be got off 4OD and was frankly hilarious, not only did it have some of my favorite comics (Michael Macintyre, Dara O'Briain along with intellectual eye-candy Claudia Winkleman and Davina McCall, comedy actor James Cordon (certainly not eye candy but very funny all the same), it was essential viewing, especially the bit where former England Manager 'king of the cliché and idiot Steve 'moron' Maclaren inadvertently put on a dutch accent in a video of an interview for dutch TV, Cordon simply called him a 'tool', quite. Compulsory viewing if you haven't seen it and can somehow get it!
Events I'm going too for the rest of the month are slightly stranger and more inexplicable, I put this down to a sudden rush of blood to the head (Coincidentally what caused my stroke), on the 24th I'm going to see New Kids on the Block, when people ask me why, I can offer no defence other than at least it gets me out of the house, I will tell you if I should have stayed at home after the event. The wierdness doesn't end there! On the 28th I'm going to see the Pussycat Dolls! I'm not sure I can name one of their tunes! This is what comes of watching too much T4 in hospital. I also blame my brain Injury!
Finally, friends Shaun and Simon came to see me yesterday – they are both amusing and knowledgeable guys who have both been a massive support since my stroke. They are both great because neither will hold back what they think and if I appear moody Will tell me so and ruthlessly take the piss out of my pre-stroke antics till I react causing me to snap out of it, be warned not everyone can do this!

1 Jan 2009

Post 93: New Years Day 2009

Happy bloody new year! It may well be New Years Day but sadly I take a fairly similar view to New Year as I do to Christmas: Namely, what's to enjoy about something you physically can't enjoy? It's a bit like being on a diet for Christmas dinner .... um,er....This year my Dad, who I'm not on the best terms with (see previous post ) kindly came over to my house so I wouldn't be spending new year alone. This is what life has come too! He started well by stopping by Nando's and picking me up my favorite healthy version of junk food, grilled chicken in Pitta and corn on the cob has got to be better than burger and chips any day! He then explained that he thought I'd been unfair in my previous post and that the reason he drinks is because he's depressed, particularly because of what has happened to me, fair enough, he's seen his entire investment in time, money, love and energy reduced to a useless wheelchair bound narcoleptic without any obvious future. This is a fairly sound argument, my current state would be enough to drive anyone to the bottle but there is one obvious flaw. I have only been like this since Christmas 2005, there is no excuse for all the years he's been putting us all through this (particularly my mother). I don't think his golf club helps, where the weekly competition 'the 'Tuesday boys' boasts half a bottle of whisky as the first prize. He often wins being one of the younger (age 73) players. It really is the oddest place, in order to be a member it helps to be a retired Brigadier! I'm not saying all this just to piss him off. He's a great man and fantastic father, I just want him to know how concerned we all are. If this blog does nothing else and heaven knows I have plans for it, it will stop my dad drinking so much, amen.
Now, I did go off on one there, the real reason I'm writing today is to thank friends Alex and her husband Will for taking me out to lunch on a day when they could have been in bed. It was possibly one of the nicest bits of Lemon Sole I have ever had and their company was Stellar, when we got back, The treasurer of the trust, Matt Hancock pictured here with wife Martha and I believe first child Hope on one of their many visits and I think Matt had bravely showed up straight from the hospital where his year old son (his second child)had just been admitted with a chest infection, he is in my thoughts tonight, I'm sure the little fella'll be fine. His father's pretty tough, he has to be, he works for the Tory party!!



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