25 Jan 2009

Post 100: Seeing New Kids on the Block and some un PC thoughts on Chavs

My hearing is slightly buzzing this morning after I went to see New Kids on the Block at the Dome last night. I was slightly worried beforehand because I didn't really know much of their repertoire and to be perfectly straight with you, I'm not gay (see what I did there! Sigh) so it might have been miles from my tastes. Actually, it was brilliant and I really rather enjoyed myself despite being knackered and unable to dance. My jungle guides for the evening were the beautiful Alex J and her significant other Steve, I would bet the farm on them getting engaged this year. I hope I haven't jinxed it! They really are great together and their comedy sniping at each other in the car makes them sound married already. I've known Alex since she was the 'door whore' at a friends clubnight over 10 years ago. Bizarelly we were at Oxford at the same time but never knew it. We have always been friends and once (many years ago) a little more but since my stroke her and Steve have been brilliant, frequently visiting me and taking me to the excellent Farnborough Airshow this summer. Alex volunteered for this because some 18ish years ago she had been a massive 'New Kids' fan or should that be a 'Blockette'? So she knew all the songs and if that wasn't embarrassing enough, most of the words. Now, The dome is a great venue, I'm so glad they've made something good of it,I'd only ever been to stage/stand-up shows there so wasn't too sure how the place would figure as a live music venue? I needn't have worried, I've always been a bit wary of seated arena's for producing the right atmosphere for live music because standing crowds have traditionally produced the goods at Wembley and countless festivals/stadiums the world over but for some reason it just works in the Dome Arena. The sound and production were difficult to fault although I did allow myself a little chuckle at how 80s everything sounded and looked like once the 'New Kids' had started, the riffs, the drum machine sounds, the lights on the stage with the obligatory 'boyband' central staircase, the 1000s of screaming girls and the cacophany they created. OK, so I was too young to have ever experienced an 80s atmosphere first hand but I can imagine it and I could imagine this ticking all the boxes. As much as I loved it when the'New Kids' were underway, I hated the support act that played first in equal measure. Some wannabee RnB/Hip Hop Diva called 'Chantelle' who was obviously desperate to be the dreadful 'Rhiana' I think RnB/HipHop emphasizes a lot of what is wrong with people, i.e. money being king, materialism/possessions being everything and it sounds so crap too, at one stage Chantelle was trying to warble/mime her new single while an MC who thought he was Busta Rhymes would shout 'yo,yo,yo is everybody in the house here too party?' blah blah etc. etc. I don't understand behavior like this,he obviously fancied himself as some sort of Gangsta! Indeed, he made me feel a bit like one because I wanted to shoot him!Thankfully she and him were soon off and the 'New kids' blend of 80s boyband ballads was soon making everyone happy as opposed to inciting murder. I have however got one insoluble criticism of the Dome, because it's in the East End, it's clearly very easy for the .burberry Army of Essex and the Worst of Kent (Gravesend, Margate, Maidstone, Bromley etc) not to mention some of the worst scum of the East End, I know I should be more tolerant but the more we shy away from saying it, the bigger this contingent will get. They need to be ashamed of who they are to get rid of them. Instead they seem to wear their Burberry with pride and an Asbo is a badge of honour whilst an achievement seems to be to get their children to wear earings before their first birthdays. Shame on them. I know this isn't very PC but 'am I bovvered?'
The reason I am so incandescent about this is that this is the 2nd time that the dome has been the scene of chav crass stupidity in their attitude to disability. The first time when I went to see Chris Rock Tanya had an altercation with a group of chav women who despite the full functioning of their legs refused to go down the escalator when the clearly marked 'disabled only' lifts were too full for my wheelchair and carer(s) to fit in. This happened again on saturday. The incident that really makes me angry though is when I was using the disabled loo. All I could hear from outside the foor was some horrific female hi-pitch voice saying 'what's he doing in there?' and 'can't he hurry up?', when I had finished said chavette said something sar castic like 'why don't you take a bit longa luv?' shen proceeded to go in front of an old lady with a walking stick with the immortal words ' d'you mind waiting a sec luv, I've been waiting here ages and I'm busting for a wee'. Sometimes hate isn't a strong enough word and hangings to good for some people. Scum.
Just to put it in some perspective could you imagine if a man went into a ladies loo and started mouthing off about wanting the lady in a cubicle to 'hurry up'. It just wouldn't happen.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Did you or anyone you were with say anything to the toilet offenders?

Dom P said...

I was too angry and feeling too inarticulate to say anything which wouldn't have involved the f word or worse abd that would have just escalated things. Being in a chair and having a pathetic voice leaves you feeling powerless in such situations so the default reaction is to get the hell out of there.



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