1 Jan 2009

Post 93: New Years Day 2009

Happy bloody new year! It may well be New Years Day but sadly I take a fairly similar view to New Year as I do to Christmas: Namely, what's to enjoy about something you physically can't enjoy? It's a bit like being on a diet for Christmas dinner .... um,er....This year my Dad, who I'm not on the best terms with (see previous post ) kindly came over to my house so I wouldn't be spending new year alone. This is what life has come too! He started well by stopping by Nando's and picking me up my favorite healthy version of junk food, grilled chicken in Pitta and corn on the cob has got to be better than burger and chips any day! He then explained that he thought I'd been unfair in my previous post and that the reason he drinks is because he's depressed, particularly because of what has happened to me, fair enough, he's seen his entire investment in time, money, love and energy reduced to a useless wheelchair bound narcoleptic without any obvious future. This is a fairly sound argument, my current state would be enough to drive anyone to the bottle but there is one obvious flaw. I have only been like this since Christmas 2005, there is no excuse for all the years he's been putting us all through this (particularly my mother). I don't think his golf club helps, where the weekly competition 'the 'Tuesday boys' boasts half a bottle of whisky as the first prize. He often wins being one of the younger (age 73) players. It really is the oddest place, in order to be a member it helps to be a retired Brigadier! I'm not saying all this just to piss him off. He's a great man and fantastic father, I just want him to know how concerned we all are. If this blog does nothing else and heaven knows I have plans for it, it will stop my dad drinking so much, amen.
Now, I did go off on one there, the real reason I'm writing today is to thank friends Alex and her husband Will for taking me out to lunch on a day when they could have been in bed. It was possibly one of the nicest bits of Lemon Sole I have ever had and their company was Stellar, when we got back, The treasurer of the trust, Matt Hancock pictured here with wife Martha and I believe first child Hope on one of their many visits and I think Matt had bravely showed up straight from the hospital where his year old son (his second child)had just been admitted with a chest infection, he is in my thoughts tonight, I'm sure the little fella'll be fine. His father's pretty tough, he has to be, he works for the Tory party!!


Shaun said...

'tough' - that's one adjective, I have a few others ;)

Dom P said...

oh be quiet you champagne socialist!



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