4 Jan 2009

Post 94: The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2008

So it's the first sunday of 2009 so I've got blogging to do, as per the last post, happy new year etc.. I'm sorry if it appears that I've been airing some dirty laundry in the last couple of posts but it's something very important to me and please understand this is very much a last resort. I have been told in the past I can be impulsive and that can be troublesome, as the TLU occupational therapist often told me (usually when they were picking me up off the floor, somewhere I visited frequently and by some miracle never hurt myself seriously), christmas and New Year have been a bit lousy this year, I have tried to force a smile but as I said in my last post, what's to enjoy about something you can't physically enjoy especially when you feel too tired to eat, talk, or even watch TV. I ask you, what does Christmas have left?
So tomorrow I start my new (self-imposed physio regime. I will miss Natalie but I need to practice walking more regularly than I was and I need it to put less strain on me , and crucially, my Dad. No more journeys on wednesday or Friday to Putney instead three sessions of walking in the village hall per week with this local guy Ian, I hope it makes a difference.
I've got a few good events to go to this month starting with Cirque de Soleil at the Albert Hall on Saturday, I haven't got tickets for it yet but I plan to go and see comedian Sean Lock on the 13th, followed by 'smug bastard' comedian Jimmy Carr on the 18th, speaking of which,they were both on the 'Big Fat Quiz of the Year' which if you haven't seen can be got off 4OD and was frankly hilarious, not only did it have some of my favorite comics (Michael Macintyre, Dara O'Briain along with intellectual eye-candy Claudia Winkleman and Davina McCall, comedy actor James Cordon (certainly not eye candy but very funny all the same), it was essential viewing, especially the bit where former England Manager 'king of the cliché and idiot Steve 'moron' Maclaren inadvertently put on a dutch accent in a video of an interview for dutch TV, Cordon simply called him a 'tool', quite. Compulsory viewing if you haven't seen it and can somehow get it!
Events I'm going too for the rest of the month are slightly stranger and more inexplicable, I put this down to a sudden rush of blood to the head (Coincidentally what caused my stroke), on the 24th I'm going to see New Kids on the Block, when people ask me why, I can offer no defence other than at least it gets me out of the house, I will tell you if I should have stayed at home after the event. The wierdness doesn't end there! On the 28th I'm going to see the Pussycat Dolls! I'm not sure I can name one of their tunes! This is what comes of watching too much T4 in hospital. I also blame my brain Injury!
Finally, friends Shaun and Simon came to see me yesterday – they are both amusing and knowledgeable guys who have both been a massive support since my stroke. They are both great because neither will hold back what they think and if I appear moody Will tell me so and ruthlessly take the piss out of my pre-stroke antics till I react causing me to snap out of it, be warned not everyone can do this!


idm2 said...

Hi there I came across your blog by chance and just thought I'd say hello. I was at school with Susan and Christopher and last time I saw you, you were literally a babe in arms (I'm guessing it'd have been summer 1977 or 78). I saw in an earlier post that Susan hadn't been well but hope she is recovering. Best wishes to you and your family - I remember your parents well and very much liked them - and I hope you stay positive and find a fulfilling way forward in 2009

Dom P said...

It's good that you've found it. Someone has to! Sue's much better now, home and getting her strength back, she'll have to with kids like hers! Parents are fine, wiling away retirement suddenly (and heroically) having to deal with yours truly again. Must be like having a baby again (but with one that can answer back!) Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

The big fat quiz of the year was indeed essential viewing over the festive period.

And you will be pleased to hear i will never hold back telling you what i think. Lucky you! :p

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