19 Jan 2009

Post 98: The Morrisons twins and Jimmy Carr

Right, it's Monday and I'm blogging so I must have something to talk about, which obviously makes a change! As I wrote yesterday, I was looking forward to seeing the Morrisons, Becky and Harry and their two recent additions, twins Freya and Jasmine, my mum being my mum and the fact that she loves babies and makes a special effort to send babyclothes to all my friends when they procreate, she had heard the twins were visiting and was over like a shot. Sadly she can't drive at the moment because she fractured her leg skiing after Christmas. You couldn't make our family's misfortunes up! So there was a right rabble over here yesterday afternoon. My house isn't small but it felt it yesterday afternoon especially when er, 'larger gentlemen' Nick and Andy (I could have been a lot less generous) turned up to take me to see Comedian Jimmy Carr at the Hammersmith Apollo

. Andy had managed to source the tickets from Mr Carr himself because they were at college together so I ought to be a bit more polite about Mr Carr than I'm about to be. Whenever I've mentioned him in this blog I've always called him a 'smug bastard', that's exactly what he is! I have no doubt he's a very clever, sharp man, sadly, he knows he is so most of his act seems to centre on the fact that he's much smarter than everyone else so rather than always go over people's heads,he plumbs the depths at various points to try and broaden the appeal, otherwise he's doing his staccato one liner very clever but smug 'joke technician' bit where he use phrases or words and uses their dual or literal meaning to create the punchline for example 'does anyone find schizophrenics a bit two faced?' He peppers most of what he says with foul language, now I'm not going to attack the use of swearing, that would be grossly hypocritical because my own language is sh*t, I don't know why in stand-up I don't seem to appreciate it, I think it's because I agree with the master Bill Bailey that swearing suffers from diminishing returns or my own personal opinion that swearing shows you've got something wrong with your thought process which is clearly why my language has got worse since my stroke!
Carr also likes to mine the lower vestiges of filth by giving matter of fact 'sex advice' to the audience while sitting on one of his prop couches on stage, he (like Frankie Boyle) revels in his capacity to shock people by going just a bit too far, I don't offend easily but even I was shocked by one particular joke about the Holocaust, Carr going on to explain why it was so unpleasant didn't mollify me, I just thought there are some things better left unsaid. Overall, he's clearly a clever guy who's possessed of a dark, dirty sense of humour but he's a bit too pleased with himself, the content doesn't have the genius and talent of Bill Bailey, the social commentary and charm of Dylan Moran, the observation of Michael Macintyre, the gut wrenching hilarity of Frankie Boyle or Chris Rock, the righteous indignation and timing of Sean Lock, he's pretty good but he's still a 'smug bastard'!


Jake said...

Hello mate. Totally agree with you about diminishing returns on swearing / deliberately shocking humour. Regardless of how much you might have enjoyed the Big fat Quiz of the Year, I had to switch it off for this very reason! The thought of McCall and Winkelman double-teaming John Snow was simply too graphic an image for me. Am I getting old?

Good luck with Connect by the way - I did some work with them a year ago and they were great - they think about communication / aphasia / stroke in a refreshing and intelligent way. Hope you get on well with them.

Keep well mate - your blog is now an excellent source of live comedy reviews!

Anonymous said...

"I don't offend easily but even I was shocked by one particular joke about the Holocaust"

So you won't want the "Now that's what i call Genocide" CD i have ordered off Amazon for you?



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