29 Jan 2009

Post101:Seeing the Pussycat Dolls at the Dome

I've got a couple of things I want to write about today and although it probably makes more sense to write about the thing on Monday, I'm going to defy theory and write about the thing freshest in my head – namely, that I went to see the Pussycat Dolls at the Dome last night.
First thanks must go to my brother who heroically stepped in at the last minute to take me after my original driver had to work. Going to a gig like this really isn't his thing at all and to his credit approached it with a very open mind (by Pardey standards!). Take it from me, we're pretty poor at trying new stuff! I felt very safe in Chris' hands because he's very practical and knows exactly what he's doing,eg when the lights went down and it was clear I was struggling with the food I was trying to eat, he fed me the rest without me even asking. Now, aside from that were the' Dolls any good? I think it would be fair to say they were 'ecking brilliant! I did feel slightly out of place by not being able to stand up but more because I wasn't a screaming teenage girl trying to look like a 25 year old dolled up to the nines in 'Uniform' which appeared to be (not that I was looking): Strappy black or white top with black bra (probably of the wonder variety), short black skirt,opaque black tights or leggings and very high heeled boots, quite who they were dressing up for we'll never know!
The Pussycat Dolls are 5/6 spectacular looking American girls, making me ashamed to be British, I have no idea how or why the Spice Girls even bothered or how they were ever successful, such vile, talentless borderline relative mooses they were and still are. It is damning indictment of the aesthetical and musical tastes of anyone who ever liked or a demonstration of how humans can't be trusted when you introduce alcohol.
The Dolls certainly brought a lot of production with them as well, the stage , lights and indoor pyrotechnics were amazing and that doesn't even begin to describe the sound. I love the noise produced by big sound systems, by some cruel irony I'll probably be deaf in ten years, my love of big sound is probably one of the main reasons why I used to DJ and go to clubs a lot.The PCDs manage to avoid that rubbish self indulgent crap RnB sound peddled by the likes of Rhiana that seems to attract that sort of Diva-ish, WAG, Charlie from Big Brother materialism that I hate, instead,it is heavy, Housey,Poppy and Sexy and as a deep cynic of 'girl power' music I have to admit I rather liked it, a lot to do with how great it sounded on a big system. The Dolls have taken 'girl power' to the next level and they call it 'girl domination'. The amount of leather and rubber they wear suggests to me they are taking this too literally! I only wish I'd remembered my camera last night so I could have showed you what I mean. All in all, another great night out, that I just about managed to stay awake for.
Importantly, the Chav count was a lot lower, probably because it wasn't a Saturday. No crassness to report!


Shaun said...

LOL! Behave Dom. Pussycat Dolls are the epitome of materialistic, shallow, mysognist RnB. Absoutely dire. Did you enjoy NeYo as well??!! I'll buy you an Usher CD for your birthday if you like :p

Dom P said...

OK,OK, maybe they are materialistic, but their sound is not RnB. It's bearable, unlike Neyo,who was the lowpoint of the night, he fancies himself as much as that twat 50cent. He said at one point that his heart had been broken 3/4 times. Rubbish, the last time his heart was broken was when a $5 bill fell out of his back pocket,twat! i'll use that Usher CD as a frisbee



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