14 Feb 2009

Post 106: Marcus Brigstocke and a post I prepared earlier

This weekend is a little busy so I'm not going to have the time or energy to write a blog post but like some Grotesque Blue Peter-esque cookery show here's' 'one I prepared earlier', when I get the time (probably on tuesday morning) I shall elaborate on the quite brilliant Keane concert I went to at the Pikeydome last night, if you're not a Keane fan, you should be!
Instead this is what I'm going to talk about:
Last Friday (6/2) evening my legendary former colleague Simon Dawes pictured with his two little terrors (Joseph and Isabel), they're lovely really! took me to go and see Marcus Brigstocke, a posh ranter, not unlike myself, but he's a comedian and is actually funny. I will try (probably unsuccesfully to upload an audioclip of him ranting about religion on Radio 4, it's more or less exactly what I think.
Now this was a rather different occasion to a lot of stand up nights I had been too, usually, most stand up evenings with multiple acts on the bill involve a compere and then the comedians deliver their memorised material, a tried and tested (winning usually) formula. But this evening, called ' Totally Looped' a panel of comics (including Brigstocke) make up dialogue to say over the top of some muted film (hitherto unseen by any of the audience), the comedians talking when the characters talked and using themes suggested totally at random from the audience. This basically meant that the panel had to think on their feet. I was so impressed, OK, so obviously they get used to doing this but it was astonishing to see how fast these peoples minds work, it was like super fast mental arithmetic for comedy and it left me virtually speechless (a rare thing as those who know me well will atest). The rest of the panel were impressive, noteworthy were the young ladies Pippa Evans and Natalie Haverstock. I have always had a soft spot for female comedians, particularly (ahem) pretty ones, for some of the best times in my life have been when a girl or female friend or better still a girlfriend has made me laugh,it's a great feeling that is difficult to replicate. Genuinely funny female comedians do this which is why I'm such a huge fan of the achingly cute Lucy Porter or the foxy and dark humoured Lily Allen
when she's not singing. I just feel you'd have a great time chatting to them as well as finding them adorable. The other members of the panel were the cast of digital TV Victorian era Sitcom 'the Penny Dreadfuls',the whole evening was a different and very enjoyable experience and going to Guildford is so much easier than going into town. While I'm here I want to congratulate two of my old colleagues who I once upon a time used to manage! Anna Micallef and Paul Brennan, Paul better be a good boy now;-). I'm joking although his Wolverhampton (effect comedy midlands accent) roots occasionally shine through, you can take the boy out of Wolverhampton etc.. Seriously though, great news and as if the news couldn't get any better my cousin just rang me to say he's blagged us Keane tickets for friday at what I have newly christened the 'pikeydome'.

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