8 Mar 2009

Post 110, 'finding the funny' with Steven K Amos

I must say I have been lucky with some of the shows I have seen and Friday night was no exception when I took (or rather they chauffeured me to see 'one of the stalwarts of the comedy circuit and hero of the Edinburgh festival' [Dara O Briain] to see Steven K Amos in Farnham, the last night of his 'find the funny' tour. I may be guilty here of saying everything is brilliant but it's true that anything that gets me out of the house and gives me a chance to see my mates is great. Every show so far has been more than worth the investment in cash and energy (which has sadly always been the biggest consideration). Anyway, the show. If you haven't heard of him you should have and I'm glad to have drawn attention to him. He is probably mid to late 40s having arrived in south east london from the Caribbean in the 60s and a lot of his material is based on how typical white Londoners reacted to a Caribbean family and how white people have reacted to him over the years, the other half of his franchise is how the young people of today 'have it easy'. His delivery is incredibly charming , sharp and bloody intelligent mixing in great pre-prepared gags with razor sharp banter with the audience which always impresses me. He does take the piss out of the person he picks on and woe betide anyone who takes him on but without being abusive in fact he started out by taking the piss out of the whole audience, the venue (a glorified shed in Farnham called the Maltings) and how the posh people of Surrey had probably never seen a black man, 'no they probably have staff' he quipped. As the last night of his tour, he probably had visions of ending up somewhere more grandiose than a shed south of Guildford which is why he was feeling a little chippy. Because it was the last night of the tour he was being extraordinarily affable and even went to have a pint with the audience in the interval proving what a down to earth guy he is, in fact when I squeezed my chair past him on the way back from the bog, he even thanked me for coming and he said 'thanks for laughing, you can be heard', he also responded personally to a message I sent him on facebook apologising for my stupid laugh, sadly it is now rather hard to moderate the volume and duration of my laugh. A hereditary condition inherited from my mum's side of the family (those that have met her will know what I mean) it has got a lot worse since my stroke!
An honorable mention should definitely go to his warm up act Sean Walsh who was very funny, his franchise being that he looked like a vagrant. Because it was the last night of the tour Sean and Steven had some quality unscripted onstage banter when they rather hilariously did send up's of each other, it had obviously been a long and exhausting tour and Sean(the son figure was clearly dying to take the piss publicly out of his father figure/mentor/ condescending boss !
Finally, a big thankyou to my friends that came and expertly kept me company and did a damn fine job of looking like they were enjoying themselves. I take my metaphorical hat off to them, Mr Amos and Sean Walsh. What I especially like about these nights is everyone has a good time without having to get plastered or stay out till the stupid hours yielding to those who can appreciate them that rarest of things, a hangover free and fully rested Saturday!
If it wasn't for 'finding the funny' in life it would be more than just me that wouldn't find life worth living.

I also just took the unusual and positive step of typing out what my goals for the next couple of years are. They probably won't be appearing here.


Simon said...

"I also just took the unusual and positive step of typing out what my goals for the next couple of years are."

That is great news Mr Pardey, and as you said a very positive step. I'm impressed and happy :D

Dom P said...

Good, I'm glad I've made someone pleased by writing them down. In the past it wouldn't have been something I would have done in a million years but it feels like the right thing to have done.



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