22 Mar 2009

pOST 114: My 32nd birthday

Sadly, this isn't my computer so I won't be making a proper post because I can barely see the keys or this screen! Photo's from lunch are on facebook. I've now had a chance with my own computer. Here goes:

For some reason I am pretty knackered today, so my usual Joie de vivre;-) might be a bit muted but there is an outside chance of some/most of this post being upbeat despite there still being a lot of uncertainty in the air.
Poor Averil is still in hospital in bad shape awaiting the time her paltry condition is good enough for triple bypass surgery. Coping without her has been hard, you don't realise the impact a person made until they are taken from you. Yet another unwanted lesson on taking things for granted. Very little seems to go my way these days. Despite putting an ad on lots of websites to replace Av, I've so far drawn a blank. I am grateful for the temporary intervention of friends, family and neighbours who have provided a meal here, some company there and have generally helped me stave off lonliness during the last week.
Now, the upbeat stuff – I wish it could be more than just transient happiness that my 32nd birtday lunch created. For starters , a valuable lesson, never again will I try to organise something that required me to so accurately know the numbers. I might as well have been organising a wedding and I think we all know how unenjoyable the organisation of those bloody things is, was it worth investing this much of my non-existent energy for such an insignificant age? No, but I did it anyway and I'm glad I did! The plan was simply to have a buffet for all the people, friends and family who I feel have been a big part of my life (particularly since my stroke). Getting people together has always given me a boost but it has always made others happy so having a party like this is not purely for selfish reasons! Anyhow, I have mentioned it before but it was great to see such a good mixture of people there and jogs my memory about how random my life used to be! There was a mate from school, friends from college, friends I'd met in my slightly hazy Djing days,
friends from work and family friends. What has always pleased me is how well these utterly disparate groups get on, I hope it's more than just putting on a brave face because they have a seriously disabled friend in common. If they are putting on a brave face they're doing a seriously good job of it and being honest I find all the 'Posh' jibes hilarious, in fact I'm just going to quote back a hilarious comment I received in an email this morning from an unnamed club promoterer who for the sake of anonymity I will refer to as S. Williams. 'Dom, you once came to a party wearing a blazer. The people I went to school with think a blazer is the result of playing with matches in the school canteen... ' Genius that man. Saturday did a lot to lift me up from the depths of despair. Give me a metaphorical kick via email or in person if I sound depressed, I'll come round
Finally, what struck me on saturday is how ferociously my friends have been breeding, hardly a married couple turned up without a baby or twins in one case. The whole event had been planned with this in mind, not just to keep my mother occupied and believe me it is the quietest, busiest and happiest I've seen her since my niece and nephews were last over from America!
Last thanks must go to the incredible Chris Dugdale for his amazing close up magic. His brother is a great mate of mine from University and they have both been great since my stroke. Chris' magic and the howls of incredulity and applause made the afternoon a great one, not just a good one. Thankyou All. I was moved to write this to those I invited yesterday, apologies to thosewho have already seen it.
'I am just about recovered so I'd hope that you all are! I thought Saturday was a huge success despite the organisation and the taking part almost killing me! The turnout was just short of 70 (and that doesn't include children) which I'm pretty pleased with, with hardly any inexplicable last minute no shows (the can't be arsed brigade who ruin innumerable events) but a couple of hilarious last minute excuses including one poor chap who ended up in Oxted! There were several expletives in his message! I thought The Bear did a superb buffet which was morn than worth the £15 a head. Special thanks to my dad for bearing the cost of upgrading the whole party to the £20 menu. A noble idea which certainly delighted a lot of taste buds (it was the first time I've had fried food in six months) and longer since I've had chocolate - I certainly dived into the marshmallows with chocolate sauce at the end. Special thanks are due to Chris Dugdale for his amazing magic - there were a lot of very confused looking people! I don't think I'll ever forget the look on my mums face when he produced her wristwatch out of thin air and there are probably few people in New Zealand that didn't hear her afterwards. Also, big thanks go to all the people who bravely brought their kids, my mums Coo's are still ringing in my ears and her smile is indented on my retina. The event made my (admittedly woeful) year and gives me a reason to keep enduring each day. It made me especially happy to see such a varied group including some who hadn't seen others for years. To me that's what life's all about!
I best shut up now lest I spoil it!


Simon said...

Saturday was great and i am glad you enjoyed it, even if it totally knackered you out. Chris was amazing, like really good. I've never seen close up magic (so admittedly have nothing to compare it to), but it was great.

Dom P said...

He is one of the best in the world, I must confess to being flabbergasted everytime I see his tricks. He made the event for me.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading you chonologically, so it's bottom-up on my monitor. I could tell you were at your birthday party for this entry.

And then I got to the first picture.

And I saw you weren't in your chair. And I cried. And I don't even know you. And I know you're going to go to your email at some point and have about 100 notifications from some completely American stranger (probably be worried I'm a bunny boiler), and yet here I am, in tears, at my desk at school. Amazing, Dom.

Anonymous said...

... um, that would be *complete American stranger*, but I am also completely American, so I suppose it works...



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