25 Mar 2009

Post 115: Averil Buckley R.I.P (1953-2009)

If it's not one thing it's another. I knew something was wrong when Tracey (my neighbour/morning carer) had to get me out of bed an hour early. It was the news we've all feared, unfortunately Avs family have had to make that most difficult of decisions, to switch off her life support machine. This difficult decision was taken because it was felt that Av would have no quality of life if she regained consciousness. Something I'm pretty familiar with, but I'm living the life of Riley compared to what she would have had to deal with. She wouldn't have just been in a wheelchair. Because her lungs weren't working properly she would have probably needed a mask and Oxygen cylinder 24/7, because of problems with her kidneys she would have required regular dialysis and this doesn't include what major neurological damage she suffered as a result of the heart attack. As a pretty active lady, she would of hated the rest of her life in that state so perhaps this is the right decision but it still feels rubbish, I feel terrible and I'm going to miss her, I don't really know what else to say, she was a great lady who improved my life, I have no more words.


Simon said...

Oh no, that is terrible and a very hard decision to make! My thoughts to all her family.

Neil said...

Hi Dom

I am Neil Buckley, Averil eldest son. Thank you for your kind words it means a great deal to us.

The decision to turn off Mom's lifes support was the hardest i have ever had to make in my life and i truly hope i never have to go through that again.

You are correct in saying that Mom was active and she never would have wanted to live like that.

We love and miss her dearly it is heart breaking and the smallest things bring back memories. She has a grand-daughter she only got to see via webcam that has been difficult for me to deal with.

Once again thank you for your kind words.

Love the Buckley's



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