28 Mar 2009

Post116: The Lovely Lily Allen in Concert and struggling to find a new Averil

Overcoming adversity is uplifting and inspiring whereas constant struggle is tedious. No prizes for guessing which camp I think I'm in. Life has got a lot tougher since Averil tragically passed away. I don't really feel any nearer to filling her shoes at the moment despite a few tentative nibbles on the Ads I've placed on various property websites and our old friend the gumtree, I hate to do this but this is the blurb I have written. If anyone feels strongly about it get in touch or better still if you're interested get in touch pronto. Sorting this out would be a massive weight off my mind:

'Sought: 1 housemate/housekeeper to live completely rent free (incl bills) alongside 31 year old wheelchair dependant male stroke survivor 'Dom', renting couple and one gorgeous cat 'Pickle'. Responsibilities would include doing Doms cleaning/laundry,cooking his evening meal, helping with his morning routine at weekends , he does not require 24h care therefore this is NOT a paid post or a residential caring job. Dom would expect respondents to have a day job in London/etc. Accommodation is well appointed, recently refurbished and fully furnished. Would suit responsible person of any age although around Doms age (30ish) would be preferable, better still with full UK driving licence. A vehicle is available. House is 3 to 4 bed semi in quiet cul de sac in leafy, desirable, Oxshott, Surrey. (Nr Epsom/Cobham/A3) and on a major train line. To find out more about Dom read his blog.
contact or 01372 844090 (H) or 07900 952846 (M). Find out more about Dom at, This position is off Steeles Lane, nr Arnewood Terrace, Oxshott'

Now the main reason for writing a post a day early apart from having nothing better to do was I went to a concert on Thursday evening and have a few thoughts.
Firstly as you can probably gather the concert was to see the delectable Lily Allen at the Shepherds Bush Empire. Now I must purport to being a trifle confused about midweek gigs in small venues. Here's my point: People go to listen to music to lose the plot and spend time with their mates in a slightly altered state, i.e. By drinking or consuming something bad for them OR because of the sheer spectacle of it (not myself, the concert). Music always sounds better with the volume turned up. Ok, I'll admit that's entirely my opinion. I'm no muso, I know what I like and what I hate and I'm not afraid to vocalise that opinion even if people I'm with are keeping resolutely silent, for example at the recent Keane concert in the Dome, I was the lone voice( (among the silence of 30,000 people) that booed and shouted (albeit with my pathetic post stroke disarthric voice for the support band to get off the stage because they were frankly terrible. I forget their name but they were an all girl Irish folk band. A strangled cat would have sounded better and then I realised that all support bands I had ever seen were dreadful, to try and make the main act sound better, it sounds obvious, but people still foolishly turn up to gigs before the headline act, and it makes me think about all the times I was booked as a warm up DJ! I wasn't that bad, was I? Sod it, it's all in the past now. I have gone off on one (again). . I still haven't worked out what midweek gigs in small venues are for, In the old days I would be far too risk averse to get drunk, stay up late and get a hangover on a schoolnight (something I have done with disastrous consequences before). There's little worse than reeking of booze and spending the whole day struggling to stay awake and struggling to say anything that makes sense to anyone, I remember (vaguely) one work offsite where me; three sheets to the wind - I had told the most senior lady how I thought she could do her job better. The next day I couldn't remember any of the specifics of what I had said when a particularly cruel senior colleague who had evidently been within earshot of my performance said 'you'll be lucky to keep your job after some of the stuff you said'. I could have cried and I didn't voluntarily speak to anyone for the rest of the day, largely because I was too hungover to think. Cheap wine is deadly. After this incident when I thoroughly deserved to be mocked by my colleagues or had the word 'liability' tatooed on my forehead midweek revelry was very rare and when I suddenly became several peoples boss that's when you realise you've got an example to set. It was a huge turning point. I have digressed yet again. I think my point was you never risk a hangover midweek unless you don't get them (which was the big claim of one of the people who used to work for me). Some people reading this will know exactly who I mean! She is a remarkable young lady who I shall call Anna. Back to Lily Allen. I must confess to being a much bigger fan of Ms Allen (post 55) than of her music Not only have I always thought she was gorgeous but I love her attitude, sense of humour (particularly her irreverence). I do object to her materialism but I think that's part of her pop persona. Putting aside a lot of her pop persona, the rest of her is a lot more 'real' than most popstars particularly her chubbiness which just makes her more normal and natural. Maybe I just get this because I have a lot of time to think, time I wish I didn't have to kill.
Anyway, before I run off with another off-topic thought I'll reign myself in for a change. She has got a very creditable voice and some of her songs are pretty catchy. I don't really like her mockney chat that much but it's not as bad as the very pretty and painfully cute Kate Nash. Back to Ms Allen, I really like a couple of her better known tracks like 'the fear' and 'smile' and the obviously less mainstream 'f*ck you' which inspired the best audience reaction of the night. All in all another thoroughly worthwhile night, not least because of the adorable Ms. Allen, but also because I got to spend the evening with some of my favourite people, Shaun and his lovely and entertaining wife Renae and of course Simon, one of the kindest people with one of the darkest senses of humour I've ever met.People may remember Shaun as my friend who has an opinion about everything. In fact his blog - 'well clearly' strapline was 'An Englishman in Australia with too much time on his hands. Likes music, politics and having opinions.' . Well he's back from Oz with Renae and is a great person to have on your side, I'd hate him not to be.


Simon said...

"and it makes me think about all the times I was booked as a warm up DJ! I wasn't that bad, was I?"

No comment :p

Shaun said...

We prefer to call her Kate Gash. Truly awful singer!

Lily rocked though, her latest LP is pretty decent I'll get a copy over to you.



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