25 May 2009

Post 128: Praise where it's due to my folks and seeing 80s legendJean-Michel Jarre

Well, better late than never although I sometimes think never would represent an improvement; the reason I'm a day late -there is a reason, not an excuse - was that on Sunday (my writing day), I was having Sunday roast with my parents. It was also a glorious day so it was a good opportunity to actually drive my chair on the flatter bits of the garden
which is looking incredible
thanks to endless TLC from my mother.
I'm sure if she could, she'd legally adopt the garden as her fourth (and favourite) child. She does all the jobs involving beautifying it (pruning, planting etc..) and Dad does all the 'Manly' stuff (mowing, strimming etc.) and me and my brother just sit back and take the piss about how the Garden runs her life. This was actually my second visit home this week. Luckily, Adrienne (my carer) drives my van and was able to take me both times, firstly, because the garden looks so spectacular at this time of year, my folks put on a midweek buffet lunch for a bunch of old farts that my dad used to work with, many of whom my parents have known for over 40 years. It is a jolly occasion and gives my mum a chance to show off the fact she is one of the finest cooks/hostesses in the world. The new house is perfect for it, Mums dream kitchen provides the perfect setting for proceedings to start with a glorious view of the garden. The only problem being (for me) is that my room adjoins the kitchen so trying to grab some rest (as is my post-stroke wont) was next to impossible because of the noise, such is life. All in all the occasion was a bit special for my parents because this was the first time they have been able to put on anything like that since the house burnt down.
I think it meant a lot to them that I was there as well, even if I do find those sorts of occasions the most exhausting things in the world. Indeed, the house seems to be the one silver lining in two years that saw me lose everything that made me me (almost including my life), my parents lose everything bar the clothes on their backs. Bloody Hell, sod the Queens 'annus horriblis', that's childs play. Anyway, scooting forward to Sunday, it was nice to go home and as usual mums roast lamb was amazing and thinking of my waistline I passed up the Roast potatoes so I could have a 'wafer thin' bit of homeade Strawberry ice cream, good decision I thought, I hadn't had ice cream for months.
Apart from my parental shenanigans I also, on tuesday had an unexpected visit from my sister who was over from the states on business. I don't see her that often because she's over the pond but I did see her and her family as recently as easter but it is rare that I get her undivided attention because of her three monsters, er,angels. She tackles problems in a very level headed and dispassionate way which I find very helpful. Completely unlike my parents, lord knows where she gets it from!
Later in the week, on Friday, I did something completely different, friends Shaun and Renae took me to see progressive 80s Electronic Europop Synthesizer laser overlord Jean Michel Jarre at Wembley Arena. Quite why I decided to see this genre-bending Frenchman is beyond me, probably because I've always been a big fan of the big show, for example I'll go and watch a football match at a big stadium despite the fact I hate the game because I like the visual spectacle of 30,000 people in one place even if I think the world would be a better place if NATO were 'accidentally' given the coordinates of the stadium as somewhere to test their latest smart bomb. I also knew one or two of Jean-Michels tunes, Shauns wife, Renae had also made some positive noises about how someone in her family had loved JMJ's music. I knew that Shaun being my former musical partner in crime when we were both small time trance Djs (at least I was), I've managed to find a picture of us Djing together.
Those were the days. Anyway, despite arriving just in time for the encore because of appalling traffic, luckily the encore lasted an hour because JMJ thinks he's a bit special.

It ended up being a rather good evening made hilarious by Shaun's on the money observation 'that this would be the kind of music Alan Partridge would be dancing around his caravan to.



Simon said...

I bet Tom Allen would have LOVED JMJ if only for the lasers!

I'm glad your parents house is pretty much 100% again, it looks amazing in the photos.

Dom P said...

I think the only way to describe the lasers is 'safe as f*ck' , TA would have loved it if only because of his age, my folks are rightly proud of the house, I look forward to seeing upstairs in a couple of years



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