13 Jun 2009

Hampton Court Festival

A bit of a 'not much' week really as Ian (my physio) has been away with his son at the Isle of Wight festival.
I am so jealous!'not much' has become commonplace in the uphill struggle that is now my life. I have largely spent this week trying to carry through my plan of sorting out an ipod and the chair. I have at least succeeded in obtaining an ipod so my dream of being able to lie in bed and listen to relaxing music and audiobooks is now a reality. Big ambitions eh? I have also got the ball rolling on getting this armchair which the more I think about it the more I think it will change my life. Now when you can't walk this is the way you think, you have to think like this, it's sh*t but that's the way it is. Luckily these chairs are supplied to a lot of disabled people. As such it is 'specialist equipment' and is something the trust can contribute towards. I am so grateful for this assistance because it has taken so much worry out of my life. It has meant that I can get on with the serious (difficult, awful, horrific) business of trying to get better without worrying about bankrupting myself or more seriously my parents who are supposed to be enjoying their retirement, I would have thought they'd long ago hoped to cast off the interminable bonds of responsibility for me (I am 32). That is not the way it works in their generation or class, I don't think they'll ever get rid of me, I hope that remains true for many years. Back to the chair, which bizarrely triggered off this train of thought. What really swung it was that these magnificent chairs are 'buy one get one free' and as there's nowhere to put one in my house because space needs to remain clear for me to drive my blessed wheelchair around, so the obvious place for the 2nd chair is my parents house. This works particularly well because having somewhere to relax at their house at the moment is impossible. I am basically forced to either transfer into an uncomfortable single bed that I always feel I could fall out of which is sooo relaxing or trying to catch 40 winks by reclining my wheelchair (which we've already established I can't sleep in which is probably just as well because I'd always be asleep and I'd achieve even less than I do right now. Having that chair here and at my parents house will be a huge deal. Trying to get my dad out of it after he's had a couple of large whiskeys is the next thing I have to worry about but that's a hurdle I'll negotiate when it surely happens. Ideas on a postcard please!
I've also been a big fan of Lovefilm this week, a service that for a reasonable monthly subscription posts you DVDs instead of renting them from the local DVD shop. This is a much more economical arrangement because the Apollo video in Brixton must have made a fortune out of me in late fees because having hired something I would forget to watch it, conclude that I would take the financial hit and make time to watch it the following evening. I was a mug, god only knows what kind of receptacle I am now, a basket case probably. Wednesday was a classic case of idiocy too, when I misread my diary and got my dad to drive me all the way to London bridge to see Harry, my counselor a week before the actual appointment, Harry's on holiday in Toronto,Argh! How stupid of me! This is not without precedent, before my stroke I once drove for three hous to a golf match in Aldeburgh in Suffolk only to find I was a week early. My opinion is unrepeatable! My diary keeping has often had its weaker moments which glorious non sequiter brings me back to movies - I have never been a great maker of time for movies (even now) but at least I no longer worry about it costing a small fortune but don't get me wrong I do enjoy them despite the fact it is tiring these days. Indeed this week I was reminded of how good Young Guns 2 is, brilliant, and an immense soundtrack.
Had this 1990 sequel been the high point of my week I would have been disappointed. Luckily, I was saved by being taken to the Hampton Court Festival on Thursday by some great friends who are all much more photogenic than me, and Sally Walmsley and Vicky Denning. Believe it or not I have never actually been to Hampton Court before. It was spectacular with the main courtyard playing host to a huge stage. The evening was about the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra playing a host of Broadway musical numbers which were then belted out by some singers none of whom I'd heard of with 'special' guest Rachel Tucker who had come 3rd on that show that had exposed Andrew Lloyd Webber to be some sort of Alien. Rachel Tucker didn't look much better. In her outfits she looked like a cheap stripper. Maybe this sounds harsh because I am not really a fan of showtunes. I have always found them to be a bit cheesy with the singers tripping over their front teeth to put on the fakest of smiles whilst over-pronoucing everything and being faux breathless.
That said I still thoroughly enjoyed myself because watching an Orchestra play is spectacular es!pecially from the front row.
Hampton Court by evening in beautiful weather is incredible and in the dusk is spectacular. Getting to spend such an evening in such a place with some of my closest friends was a privilege, and made me forget I was even in a wheelchair.
From the sublime to the ridiculous I'm off to go and see Trailer Trash recovering fruitloop Britney Spears at the Dome with Shaun and his wife Renae after Shaun persuaded me. I believe he is more a fan of Ms Spears as his blog attests than of her music!
Before I head off to see the delectable Ms Spears, I first want to thank Helen VJ and her boyfriend James for taking the time to come and see me yesterday afternoon and taking me out for a drink at the Bear. Seeing people and taking me out really does make all the difference! Hels and I have been good friends since college and has been such a support to me and my family since my stroke and James is good news, poor Hels has had some bad luck with men but James is different, and I believe he was instrumental in introducing Kate to Tony when it had taken years for Tony to meet someone who fitted. My friends being happy makes me happy.
I hope everyone has enjoyed this weekends weather. It's turning crap on monday!

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Simon said...

If you had to use the tube you would be more grateful of crap weather! :p Glad to hear the chair plan is progressing well, i can't wait to see it.



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