21 Jun 2009

Post 134 : Slight I.T. Hiccup.

I’m on the receiving end of a bit of an I.T. disaster today, i.e. my computer won’t start, so this is being dictated to Adrienne who is being a bit of a hero. When I get my computer working again there will be some new stuff, but I don’t know when that will be... hopefully soon. We don’t realise quite how paralysed we are without our computers. I can’t contact 95% of the people I know. I have even called in the help of a couple of my more I.T. savvy friends who have cast their expert eye over the problem and declared that it is beyond their capabilities, which is not a good sign. Anyway, those with my phone number, or know how to get to my house can contact me that way.
Details and pictures of the excellent Pet Shop Boys gig I went to on Friday, and the Cromulant Cardboard Citizens comedy charity gig that I went to on Saturday featuring Simon Amstell, Richard Herring, Stewart Lee and Brendan Burns will be up as soon as I can use my computer again.


Bloody I.T!


Simon said...

I think you should get a call out service with PC World or something for future times this might happen. Also get an online back up tool or an external hard drive to back up files to.

Dom P said...

You're not wrong! Hindsight's a wonderful thing. I feel well and truly awful about this. It's tuesday now and although I can use my computer again, it's a bit like starting from scratch which on a computer is not good, my bro has been able to recover some stuff but it feels like using a different machine which is a disaster

Simon said...

Tony said you have it up again, but not configured how you like it. I suggest you compile a list of all 'essential' programs and we can look at ways to make it easier to recover those (by making back ups of configuration files) if your PC has a hissy fit again. As an aside, i would also look into getting a pro to give it an annual clean up and MOT.



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