26 Jun 2009

Post 136: Stress: We just can't deal with it

Guess what has been front of mind this week and has even diverted me from talking about the thrilling subject that is my cat, of course it is the exciting story of Wimbledon Centre Courts new roof. Hardly rocket science from the Wimbledon powers that be. Since time immemorial what has been their main problem? Well the British weather of course, they could have built a retractable roof years ago using the profits they make from the Strawberry tent alone! And who cares if Andy Murray wins? I tend to take a similar stance to Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle in that 'I don't give a sh*t if he wins''.Oh, and in other news some bloke called Michael Jackson
might have died of a heart attack. Damn, I know they say never speak ill of the dead but I sense I won't be a lone voice on this. I guess the question about whether he'll turn up for his UK tour has been conclusively answered now. Just my luck, I had tickets for the 18th July show which I was taking my brother and friend Sacha too. *rse, I was quite looking forward to it, but that's the way the cookie crumbles, The jokes on email are already arriving even faster and less tastefully even than the one's about princess Di. I will remember him for two things, sadly not for his status as the 'King of Pop', Frankie Boyle on 'Mock the Week' doing a lonely heart impression of him when in a high voice he said 'Hi, I'm looking for someone with the Soul of a child... and the body of a child, I'm rather like a scooby doo villian, wearing a mask, hanging around an abandoned funfair'... etc etc.. There is no doubt he was a wierdo. The other thing I'll remember him for is when South Park mercilessly took the piss out of him when he was the 'mystery' man who had moved to South Park , and Cartman thinks it's awesome when he suggests a 'slumber party' I'm sorry but I laughed. I was 'lucky' enough to see this wierdo in concert at the old Wembley in 1995 (I think) and it was pretty good, I have reason to doubt that his planned shows at the Dome would have been much more than him miming/dancing in front of a huge production effort a la Britney Spears, it will still have been a good show but not befitting the so-called 'King of Pop'. The serious point that springs to mind though came to me when I was watching the almost blanket news coverage this morning when some worthy soul chipped in that the latest tour was not all about money as many had I think accurately suggested. It was that Jacko only really felt loved when he was on stage, this made me think about 'humanity' (yet again... sigh, because I have time to think these days). To me, being human is all about the avoidance of death and the pursuit of love. I hope this doesn't sound too trite! Having been pretty close to finding both I'm sure that this is true. There's also something in there about having the freedom to do it, which is the thing that screws me up right now. I may be trying but I have been denied freedom by my own body, which is another thing Michael Jacksons death has taught me. The Human body can't cope with stress, put your body under continued stress and it will fail .I'm convinced it is why my former carer Averil died of a heart attack a few months back, She was under so much pressure to send everything she earned back to South Africa to support her family it's a wonder she lasted as long as she did, especially with having to put up with me! I think putting my body under stress is an integral part of why I had my stroke, I had a stressful life, a stressful job and an extra-curricular life not exactly characterised by restful pastimes, to me the link is crystal clear, first I virtually die, then Averil and now the most famous man in the world – my serious observation is that the human body is not equipped to cope with modern living.

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