3 Jul 2009

Post 139: More loud music, anticipating an anacronism and thoughts on memories

Another week is in the process of bypassing me. I write this on Wednesday at about 2:20 so my 2nd bout of physio for the day is due to start in ten minutes. There really is no rest for the wicked, even though I prefer the hot weather it's not too helpful with staying awake, and in case those in and around London haven't noticed it isn't the driest most pleasant heat! Never being able to use the tube
again has scarcely felt better. Initially it was mild to furious anger at the inconvenience, not surprisingly this was one of the easier things to come to terms with.
This week is also a bit mental as I've got a fair bit on, I'm off to 'Jolly old' Henley
tomorrow with the folks, I hope to be able to find a quiet shady spot to be able to snooze because my main aim on a daily basis is not to get too tired which is pathetic but there's little else you can think about when you feel like this. Henley will also be about the two most tiring things I have to do these days:
1.Talking to people while holding my head up
2.Trying to focus on objects.
I will also try not to eat too much which pretty much removes all potential enjoyment, dare I say that since the implosion of my eyesight I can't even enjoy a spot of 'window shopping' and enjoy the myriad beautiful girls
dressed to the nines, there to find a suitable husband I reckon, I don't think Henley Regatta has changed in the last century. What used to be a particular thrill when 'window shopping' like this was getting the odd return glance, and strangely I used to get them rather a lot, nowadays any glances I get are out of sympathy or curiosity at the 'wierdo in the wheelchair'. Life is that sh*t.
Anyway, expect to hear back about that but while it's still vaguely fresh in my mind, now seems as good a time as any to talk about my trip to Wembley Arena last night to see spoof 70s Rockers Spinal Tap.
This had been Markus' idea and it so happened to be his 35th birthday so I thought I would treat him to an evening out. My old friend and one of the funniest men on the planet Ian had agreed to come along and do the driving and the spoof humour of the original movie 'This is Spinal Tap' was right up his street.
We had amazing seats but I wasn't too sure what to expect. After the support act 'The Folksmen'
(who turned out to be the same guys as Spinal Tap) did their mercifully short but nonetheless amusing act, does anyone else see the innuendo in their song 'blood on the pole'?. They clearly are to America what 'The Wurzels are to the west country, they have made a similar mark (stain?) on world music. Before the headline act rocked the joint it was interesting to notice there were a lot of people who had forgotten that time had advanced since the 70s, lots of beards, mullets, leather jackets worn without a trace of irony and very few women. Ian and I even joked that being a Roadie for Spinal Tap must be the pinnacle of that particular career. Steve Coogans Tommy Saxondale
character would be happier than a pig in sh*t! Endless talk of crew jackets and backstage passes, the Roadie currency! It's incredible to believe that all this was spawned by a 1984 mockumentary movie. The musicians are ostensibly actors but they can actually play those instruments and the sound we were hearing was real heavy-metal!
The Tap performance started in true Tap style with a voice coming across a tannoy 'Spinal Tap to the stage' implying they were lost backstage (like had once happened in the film). Cut to a video feed on the huge onstage screen of the lead singer, David St Hubbins
(actor Mike McKean who I am convinced is Corbin Bernsen from LA Law ( Tap fact; St Hubbin is apparently the patron saint of quality footwear)
) and bassist, Derek Smalls
(actor Harry Shearer, tap fact;apparently the voice of Mr Burns
) playing what appeared to be playstation in the dressing room. What struck me was the outrageousness of the length of their hair (wigs apparently) and the comedy mutton chops on Shearer. They sure know how to lamb it up (sorry). 5 minutes later they had found the stage and accompanied by lead guitarist Nigel Tufnel
(actor Christopher Guest-tap fact, apparently Tufnell's musical masterpiiece 'Lick my lovepump is written in D minor, the saddest of all the keys))all these 'tap facts' reminds me of my good college friend Peter Lee,
none other than the king of the 'crap fact'. An earth scientist (AKA rock spotter) Pete was often heard to start sentences thus ,' it's amazing to think that over millions of years...' before we'd pretend to yawn and collapse laughing, Pete is spotted around less these days since becoming a father, back to my point and some continuity 'the tap' were away thrashing out some number I can't possibly remember but it rocked. This wasn't really any of our types of music but we all love, live, loud music in front of 1000s of people.
Oh, and while I'm here I have some tragic news that I'm not sure if I can even share. In conversation with old mate and legend Ian Betts,
he told me that it looks like it's the end of his Djing days. This is indeed a tragedy but not an entirely unexpected one.
The DJ lifestyle is simply not compatible with having a family and being a father
but what a laugh we had all those years ago, even his wife,Sharon dabbled in Djing a few years ago, and she used to party with the same reckless Abandon as the rest of us, probably something to do with how she ended up as Mrs Betts.
From dingy, dodgy London clubs to Ian playing before two of the biggest names in the world, Paul van Dyk
and Tiesto
at the best (arguably) club in the world, Amnesia in Ibiza
. I foolishly (probably wisely) decided not to go and see his biggest gig, for dancevalley in Holland,
on sanity and financial grounds.
Damn, those were great days which we were all lucky to have. Memories are nice to have,

but my relationship with my memories is an odd one, on the one hand I'm glad to have them
but on the other sad that I am unable to ever relive them.I will end this post with a gratuitous picture of pickle that we can all enjoy. Crazy cat!


Shaun said...

I was listening to PVD from Amensia in 2004 the other day. IMMENSE. Particularly when he played Randy Katana's In Silence, I remember we were jumping around like loons. Happy days indeed.

Dom P said...

I actually remember us finding each other to get under the Ice cannon for that breakdown. MOMENT ALERT!



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